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Wolvennest premiere new music video for the title track of their upcoming album »The Dark Path To The Light«!

Brussels, Belgium based experimental psychedelic black metal outfit Wolvennest premiere a music video for the new single and title track of their upcoming album »The Dark Path To The Light«, which will be released in October 2023 on vinyl, CD and digital via Ván Records.

Video by Shazzula in collaboration with Mothmeister.

The band comments: “Brothers and sisters, exactly ten years ago, the foundations of what Wolvennest would and could become emerged from nothingness. This symbolic decade of intoxicating frequencies seems to be the perfect occasion to share what has been forged lately. Directed by Shazzula in collaboration with the good souls behind Mothmeister, »The Dark Path To The Light« is our first official videoclip and the best way to discover what our fourth full length has to offer. As always, we tried to find comfort in a zone where time and space are just vague and futile concepts and we hope our new offering makes no exception. Regards to all the spirits who made this decade and video possible.

Regarding the live appearances, the link below has all the info needed (dates, cities, venues). Tickets:

Love and wisdom to all!”

The best word to describe Wolvennest’s music: occult. Each live show is a transcending experience for their audience as well as their members. Far from the modern world, Wolvennest developed a following the ancient way, with strong trippy albums and solid live experiences evoking chaos, light and darkness. Their fourth full-length album, »The Dark Path To The Light«, makes no exception and presents a band floating between various universes, where occult rock, doom and black metal swirl into oblivion driven by psychedelic and ambient manifestations. While the collective already performed at mythic festivals (Desertfest, Roadburn, Hellfest) and the very best of the occult locations (House Of The Holy, Chaos Descend, Ascension), its appetite for trippy performances is stronger than ever.

The 6 musicians are looking forward to their coming experiences with a new album full of weird synths, hypnotic guitars and strong emotions invoked through Shazzula’s voice. On their fourth full-length album, Wolvennest proposes a dark trip looking for balance in chaos, finding a place between light and darkness. »The Dark Path To The Light« dances with oblivion and offers a melancholic and honest vision of a dying world. The collective has always invited devoted souls on their musical journey and this time is no different: the leader of Misþyrming, D.G., proves once again that he has the strongest voice of his generation on »The Timeless All And Nothing«. Forged with the glorious seventies in mind, »The Dark Path To The Light« is a shorter album, with no fillers and all killers.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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