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Introducing: Indonesian heavy stoner rock four-piece band Jawless

Jawless is a heavy stoner rock band from Bandung, Indonesia, formed at the end of 2019. Precisely in October 2019, when Yudha asked one of his friends for help to find personnel to be made into a band. In a short period of time, they gathered and immediately jammed the studio with members: Yudha on guitar, Toni on bass and vocals, Bob on guitar and Essa on drums. During the creative process of Jawless, the band made it a habit not to bring songs from other bands and always discuss the material that they will develop in the studio. The band played their first show in February 2020. Their music received a positive response and one month later they got an offer to be involved in a tour, but due to Covid-19 the tour was cancelled. To anticipate the existence of Covid-19, the band also began to focus on completing some of the materials that will be made for their debut album.

Their mix of wild licks/riffs plus a characteristic sound wrapped with varied power beat progressions has been inspired by The Sword, Weedeater, while Jawless total passion for music comes from Mötorhead. The lyrics that are packaged always carry stanzas of complaints of anxiety that occur in daily life over an event that occurs. Everything is told through lyrics that can be concluded from each listener’s perspective. Jawless brings uplifting energy to their music and also imaginative sensations every piece. And it will bring the audience as if they are in a situation of lyrics and music that they play.

The »Total War Stoner« EP features 4 songs. In terms of lyrics, the EP can be divided into 2 perspectives, the opening song »G.O.D.« and »Metaphorical Speech« contains lyrics about a ruler who always exalts himself and forgets his responsibilities so that he often make a speech with a sweet packaging and not directly proportional to his actions. The songs »Dark Muzzling« and »Restrained« contain lyrics that tell about a condition of the people who are shackled in the difficulties they experience.

»Total War Stoner« EP is a teaser for their upcoming first album. Jawless debut will be released at the end of the year and all the songs from this EP will be included as well. »Total War Stoner« EP was recorded live at Klub Racun on March 20 and was released on July 25, 2021 via Auswitch Records.

01. G.O.D.
02. Dark Muzzling
03. Metaphorical Speech
04. Restrained

Album credits:
All songs and lyrics by Jawless.
Recorded live at Klub Racun, March 2021.
Mixed and mastered by Jahkunx at Klub Racun.
Art and design by Tri Apryzan Antul.
Logo by Yudha Prawira.
Photography by Ricky at Exito Media.

Jawless is:
Toni – Bass/Vocals
Yudha – Lead Guitar
Bob – Guitar
Essa – Drums

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