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28.-29.08.2020 Breka Fest XIII

Društvo D.A.M.B. represents:
BREKA FEST XIII Open Air Festival
DATE: 28.-29.08.2020
LOCATION: Srednja Bistrica, Prekmurje, Slovenia

FRIDAY 28/08/2020:
>> NADIMAČ (SRB)<< (Thrash Metal/Crossover)

>>REACH (SLO)<< (Hardcore)

>>CARNIFLIATE (SLO)<< (Death/Grind Metal)

>>HAKATTAK (SLO)<< (Speed HC Punk)

>>GRUDEN (SLO)<< (Sludge/Stoner)

SATURDAY 29/08/2020:

>>NECROTTED (DE)<< (Death Metal)

>>SRD (SLO)<< (Black’N’Roll)

>>CLITGORE (ROU)<< (Goregrind)

>>OBNOUNCE (SLO)<< (Black/Death Metal)

>>8082 (AUT)<< (Hardcore)

+ free camping
+ free parking
+ free pasulj
+ free chili con carne
+ ping pong
+ video projections during the day
+ more…


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