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Old Night (CRO)

Old Night (Rijeka, Croatia)

Old Night is a doom metal band from Rijeka, Croatia. The band was formed in 2015 by Luka Petrović, best known as the lyricist and one of the main composers of Ashes You Leave. The band originally started as a solo project. The main idea behind this band was to make innovative and original music, completely unencumbered by other people’s expectations, but with the legacy of Ashes You Leave intact. Although Old Night is mainly a doom metal band, the music itself is highly influenced by progressive rock, blues and atmospheric music in general.

As faith would have it, the idea of a solo project was discarded and from 2016 onwards, Old Night is a full-fledged band. Nikola was the first to join the fold and with Luka on bass the rhythm section and the backbone of the band was complete, but the band found it’s distinctive voice when brothers Hanžek joined as guitarists and singers. Their distinctive vocals and singing style added a new dimension to the music of Old Night. The lineup was rounded when Bojan Frlan, best known as the lead guitarist of Croatian underground legends Castrum and Grč, joined the band’s ranks as the third guitarist.

With an amazing lead singer and two backing vocals, three guitarists, personal and heartfelt lyrics and the music that is often – lacking a better word for it – a journey, Old Night has a truly unique music style in today’s music world. Old Night signed a record deal with Rain Without End Records / Naturmacht Productions to release their first record, »Pale Cold Irrelevance«, in August 2017, which is followed by »A Fracture In The Human Soul« in 2019.

Band members:
Matej Hanžek – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ivan Hanžek – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Bojan Frlan – Lead Guitar
Luka Petrović – Bass & Backing Vocals
Nikola Jovanović – Drums

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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