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Majestic Mountain Records welcomes London doom metal trio Old Horn Tooth to their roster

Majestic Mountain Records has just signed a deal with London, UK based doom metal trio Old Horn Tooth.

The lovely people at Majestic Mountain Records say: “⚡️The Majestic Newswire is buzzing through the midweek and excited to bring you more news of incredible signings coming to the Majestic Roster! ⚡️

Please give a warm welcome to London’s Old Horn Tooth. A humble, hardworking band flying largely under the radar but deserving of all the praise their stellar musicianship and supernatural conceptual execution should afford them.

From their methodically hypnotic and ineffably onerous 2019 self-released debut »From The Ghost Grey Depths« to their epic, orchestrally engrossing single, 20-minute track opus »True Death« in 2021, it’s no secret that OHT take their time with quality over quantity and the results hint dramatically at the sheer excitement of what lies ahead in their evolution as a band and as a true force of doomy nature.

For those who have not previously knelt at the altar of “The Tooth”, this band is a sleeping giant, and we’re primed and ready for the age of Old Horn Tooth to erupt and engulf us all.

New material coming on wax with the full Majestic Mountain Records treatment 2022/2023. More information to come!

Follow the Old Horn Tooth lads on ye olde socials for their uniquely prolific and cheeky banter about riffs, beers and gears.”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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