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Portugese alternative/stoner rockers Dapunksportif dropped their new studio album »Old, New, Fast & Slow«, out now via Rastilho Records

Portugese alternative/stoner rock band Dapunksportif dropped their new studio album, »Old, New, Fast & Slow«, out on June 3rd, 2022 via Rastilho Records

01. Raw And Vulnerable
02. Someone Is watching You
03. Love Hurtz
04. Mirror
05. Getting Lost
06. Moving Slowly Backwards
07. Always Under Pressure
08. Virtual Dependency
09. Disconnect
10. Maya

From Rastilho Records:

The eternal return that plagues our days makes us spin in a spiral of contradictions where the heart is opposed to the mind and the rhythm around us cannot keep up with what guide inwardly. Either because it is too fast or because it is too slow and everything leads us to questions, contradictions and unknowns that, at a certain point, make us doubt the existence itself, and even that of humanity.

»Old, New, Fast’N’Slow« is the daily confrontation we have with the world around us and with all these dichotomies. It is the soundtrack that shakes us and instrumentally personifies the questions we create. There are 10 songs that exude rock’n’roll. Where guitar riffs embrace the warmth of the bass, keys create the ambience cozy and dancing and the drums will guide us along the way. There are 10 strong songs that address current, constant and worrying themes and that are playing in the ear in a loop, just like this daily spiral into which we are sucked.

This album features Paulo Franco (vocals, rhythm guitar and bass), Joao Guincho (vocals, guitar and bass), Fred Ferreira (drums, keys), Vicente Santos (keys) and Filipe Brito (bass) and with the special participation of Cabrita (saxophone) on the song »Raw & Vulnerable«.

»Old, New, Fast’N’Slow« is the fifth album of originals and was recorded and mixed by Ricardo Riquier at Mary Pie Studios and mastered by Guilherme Vales.

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