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Princess stream their upcoming self-titled debut album exclusively through 666MrDoom’s YouTube channel

Providence, Rhode Island based heavy rockers Princess stream their upcoming self-titled debut album in full length exclusively through 666MrDoom’s YouTube channel.

»Princess« is set to release on May 15th, 2021 via Yuggoth Records as classic black vinyl in limited run of 100 copies.

01. Whiskey Breath
02. Going Grey
03. The Reaper
04. She’s All I Can Stand
05. On The Run
06. Away From You
07. Tea Time
08. Can’t Get What You Want
09. Haunted

Princess is a 4-piece rock n’ roll band based in Providence, RI. Twin guitars and old-school vibes. Formed in 2019.

Princess is:
Zigmond Coffey – Drums, Vocals
Dillon Stankowitz – Guitar, Vocals
Jonny Sage – Bass, Vocals
Greg Aaron – Guitar, Lead Vocals

Recorded at The Murder Room.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Sammy D’Ambruoso.
Mastered by Peter Scartabello.
Layout by Nick Lane.
Cover photo by Ben J. Bierce.
Back cover photo by John C. Corbett.

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