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The Mountain King unveil the second single »Bongnob« taken from their upcoming album »WolloW«

German progressive/drone/doom/black metal duo The Mountain King unveil the second single and opening track »Bongnob« taken from their upcoming album, »WolloW«, out on February 22nd, 2022 via Cursed Monk Records.

»Bongnob« is available now on all streaming platforms.

01. I Bongnob
02. II in girum imus noctem aram et consumimur igni
03. III Wollow
04. IV Sophos
05. V DNA Sand
06. Sohpos VI
07. Wollow III
08. Ingi rumimusnoc te mara metcon sumi murig ni II
09. Bongnob I

Mixed by Eric McQueen.
Mastered by Jan Grimm Mastering.
Cover photo by Jane Cave Photography.
Layout by Eric McQueen.

Courtesy of Cave Dweller Productions:

»WolloW« is set for release next Tuesday, February 22nd on Cursed Monk Records.

»WolloW«is a genre defying release spanning everything from progressive doom metal to black metal and drone. It is a mind-bending journey that explores the concept of time through the comparative use of a mix of regular and reversed tracks. This is yet another stellar offering from one of the boldest artists currently active in the progressive doom metal scene.

Pre-order here:

»WolloW« is about how we perceive time and musically about time’s relativity. While half of the tracks will run backwards still maintaining the albums flow, we must ask ourselves: Is the perception of time just a tailored suit that we wear? Because how we perceive will change our reality. This could mean your actions are flowing backwards during the listening session.

The album connects different genres like stoner doom, avantgarde metal, post rock, drone, shoegaze and black metal but is not bound to either of those.

It’s been the bands premise from the beginning to create a new experience with every release, so this will be the next chapter of mind-bending atmospheric music.

Many bands and artists claim that their music is ambitious or innovative, however the Mount King is always able to back this claim up. Their latest release WolloW takes this to a whole new level.

Half of the album’s tracks run backwards in order the explore the concept of time. This isn’t just a gimmick to stand out, as each and every track (even the backwards ones) still sound fantastic. It is no easy feat to create music that sounds this good when played in reverse. In fact, if nothing else, this stands as a testament to the band’s level of skill in both songwriting and musicianship.

While these experimental tracks sound fantastic it is apparent that the songs are playing in reverse due to the completely unique sound and essence that they have. Until you listen to them you won’t be able to understand what is meant by that. When you hear them mixed in with regular songs the difference becomes stark. This is a release that needs to be experienced in full to be understood, however each track also stands on its own two feet.

As always, the release blurs the lines of genre and style and traverses the realms of stoner doom, avantgarde metal, post rock, drone, shoegaze and black metal. Thanks to the impressive song writing this fusion never feels forced or disjointed and flows extremely naturally.

Prepare yourself for yet another mind-bending journey that pushes the boundaries of progressive/experimental music from one of the boldest artists currently active in the scene.

The Mountain King is:
Eric McQueen – Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics, Programming
Frank Grimbarth – Guitars

Special guest:
Jack Cradock – Bass

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