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Asteroid Witch and Greenseeker to release a split LP on November 3rd via Electric Valley Records; first single »Time Crystal / Mind Prism« by Asteroid Witch premiering!

Electric Valley Records have announced a split LP with Portland, Oregon based doom/space rockers Asteroid Witch and proto-metal outfit Greenseeker, which will see the light on November 3rd, 2023.

Listen to the first single »Time Crystal / Mind Prism« by Asteroid Witch premiering today on Doomed & Stoned!


Side A:
A1. Asteroid Witch – From Other Worlds
A2. Asteroid Witch – Time Crystal / Mind Prism
A3. Asteroid Witch – Prophets Of The Celestial Temple
A4. Asteroid Witch – Astral Projection

Side B:
B1. Greenseeker – The Curse Of The Black Cloud
B2. Greenseeker – Devil’s Grave Touch

Courtesy of Qabar PR:

Electric Valley Records presents a fuzzy split album between Asteroid Witch and Greenseeker, two rising acts from the ever-prolific Portland heavy music underground. Scheduled for November 3rd, the split will be available on three variants of vinyl as well as on digital/streaming media.

The Asteroid Witch side of the split is a collection of psychic auditory transmissions that have been fixtures of the band’s live set since their inception. These compositions range on various topics such as alien abduction, ufo encounters, communication with extra-terrestrials and extra-dimensionals, high strangeness, astral projection, space travel, time travel, mind travel, trans-dimensional travel, hidden doorways to the celestial temple, prophets from the sky, portals both seen and unseen, orbs both material and non-material, the Lower realm, the Higher realm, the Middle realm(s), and much more…

On their side of this split, Greenseeker explores the blend of groovy throwback riffs, extended meandering jams, and heavy fuzz. In these two long-form tracks, fantasy meets reality with themes of envy, lust, greed, and pride as two rival bards engage in a magical tiff fueled by the thirst for fame, shrouding the world in a black fog. At their rock bottom, the protagonist makes a deal with the devil to gain a fortune but ends up getting more than they bargained for.

Album credits:
Engineered and Mixed by Jeanot Lewis-Rolland at JLR Audio Productions.
Mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering.
Cover art by Simon Underwood / @lizardbrainart.

Pre-order (goes live on 21 September):

Available formats:
• Black Vinyl (250x)
• Pink Vinyl (220x)
• Ultra LTD “Space Edition” Vinyl (30x)
• Digital

Asteroid Witch:
Forged in the nucleus of a distant black hole and teleported to Portland, Oregon in 2021 AD, Asteroid Witch is a conduit for the psychic communication of celestial Demi-Gods from deep space. Their sound takes the stoner-rock/heavy psych riffing of bands like Fuzz, Nebula, Red Fang, and Sleep, and blends it with the space-age synths and high-energy freakouts of bands like Hawkwind and Acid Mothers Temple. Since making contact, they have been transmitting cosmic doom metal from the stars to enchanted live audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Asteroid Witch is:
Dave – Guitar & Vocals
Sophia – Synthesizers
Trevor – Bass
Eric – Drums

Greenseeker worships the hallowed ground of psychedelic proto-metal giants such as Rainbow, Uriah Heep, and Atomic Rooster, with music steeped in classic riffs and mystical lyrics. Formed in 2019, Greenseeker hit the ground running and recorded their first demo, the self-titled »Greenseeker«, in the spring of 2020. Their demo caught the ear of the doom underground, nabbing the band a record deal that would lead to their debut full-length album, »The Wish«, released in May of 2022 on StoneFly Records.

»The Wish« once again made waves in the heavy rock journalism unconscious, garnering gleaming reviews from the likes of The Sleeping Shaman, Doomed & Stoned, and more while landing at a lofty #11 on May 2022’s Doom Charts. The band has also earned a reputation for their improvisation-laden live show which takes the listener on a journey from a sea of crushing doom to dreamlike jam sequences.

Greenseeker is:
Max Siegfried – Guitar
Selina Cleary – Bass
Shea Gegan – Drums
Lauren Hatch – Keys, Vocals

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