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Finnish doomsters Cardinals Folly announce new album »Live By The Sword« on Soulseller Records and premiere the first single »Luciferian«!

Helsinki, Finland based doom metal trio Cardinals Folly premiere the first single »Luciferian« taken from their upcoming album, »Live By The Sword«, set to release on October 27th, 2023 via Soulseller Records.

01. Life Eternal
02. Ride Or Die 666
03. Luciferian
04. Priesthood Of Darkness
05. Innsmouth Royalty
06. Live By The Sword
07. Ludovico
08. Last Bastions Of Doom

Courtesy of Sure Shot Worx:

Finnish doomsters Cardinals Folly have premiered the first single from their upcoming new album »Live By The Sword«, set for release on October 27th 2023 via Soulseller Records on LP, CD and digitally.

The Last Bastion of Doom. Those Finnish witchfinders. The ones that won’t let go. The truest of the true. The stubbornest of the stubborn. Cardinals Folly. A groovy trio of which name has been echoing distantly in the metal underground for more than a decade. A wild uncontrollable force moving onwards to another record or another adventure. With relentless riffs, heavy metal hails, ride-or-die attitude and true love for the old school doom and metal.

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland and formed in 2007 by Mikko “Count Karnstein” Kääriäinen (bass, vocals) and his back-then compatriots, Cardinals Folly has been captained by Mikko ever since then towards new conquests. After several albums, line-up changes, dramas, label disappointments and tours around the world, the current stellar constellation of »Deranged Pagan Sons« with Juho Kilpelä (guitar) and Joni Takkunen (drums) has been ongoing since 2014.

On the upcoming new album »Live By The Sword«, the band takes almost all that it finds good in metal and molds it into a tighter mass of unholy riffs, blasphemous pagan chants & choruses, luciferian & lovecraftian depravity and all in all a fearless ride to where the witching cauldrons boil hot and the brews are cool. Ranging from slow epic doom to galloping heavy metal and apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll, the band loves to murder the listener with all their might. These past few years of plague and uncertainty have only made them angrier and more determined, resulting in this 42-minute onslaught of doomed heavy metal.

Band leader Mikko comments: “After these past few slightly chaotic years, it’s nice to sign with a professional powerhouse like Soulseller Records. We’re ready to go, ready to put this powerful bastard of an album out and show the world what we can do. We’ve done now six albums, and not many bands do six albums. Recently we toured in Norway, USA, Finland, Germany and Italy. It’s true love towards this deranged craft and evolving it that keeps us going. I honestly believe we’re also one of the few bands to steadily improve from day 1 onwards so far. That’s not common either. And right now it seems we’re in good hands. In a world under turmoil, I’m proud of what me, Juho and Joni have now created. This is our best album. There’s no more to tell, and real action beats all words anyway. Crank it up and blast it as loud as you can. The doomed ones ride out again! Our Cult Continues!”

September 6th will see a first new track and pre-orders for »Live By The Sword« go live!

Pre-order here:

Cardinals Folly Lived By The Sword at Soundwell Studios, January 20-22, in the year 2023 after bastard’s birth. Recorded and mixed by Jani Snellman.
Mastered by Janne Hakanen in February 2023.
Cover art by Witchaser Art.
Band logo by Sebastian Lindberg.

All music by Mikko Kääriäinen & Juho Kilpelä.
All lyrics by Mikko Kääriäinen.
Arrangements by Cardinals Folly.
Organ in »Life Eternal« played by Jani Snellman.
Backing choir in »Luciferian« is Mikko & Juho.

Cardinals Folly is:
Count Karnstein – Bass, Vocals
Nordic Wrath – Guitars
Battle Ram – Drums

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