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Southern Lord Recordings to release long-awaited Burning Witch »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« vinyls!

Southern Lord Recordings will release both Burning Witch‘s EPs »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« in vinyl editions on September 25th, 2023.

»Towers« Tracklist:
01. Sacred Predictions
02. Country Doctor
03. Tower Place
04. Sea Hag

»Rift Canyon Dreams« Tracklist:
01. Warning Signs
02. Stillborn
03. History Of Hell (Crippled Lucifer)
04. Communion

Courtesy of Southern Lord Recordings:

After the breakup of the cult doom/death band Thorr’s Hammer in 1995, Stephen O’Malley, Greg Anderson and Jamie Sykes formed Burning Witch. The band then added G. Stuart Dahlquist and vocalist Edgy 59 to round out the lineup. Anderson left the band and moved to Los Angeles to form the band Goatsnake in 1996, and Burning Witch (without Anderson) recorded songs with Steve Albini which would become the »Towers« EP (after the sessions for these songs, Sykes left the band and was replaced by B.R.A.D.). Originally released as a demo tape then released by Slap-A-Ham on vinyl in 1998 (and eventually on CD version including »Rift Canyon Dreams« a comp. titled »Crippled Lucifer« in 1998) and on 12″ LP in the Box Set in 2011), »Towers« had long since been out of print.

The sessions that followed the Tower Albini recordings resulted in the »Rift Canyon Dreams« EP, which would prove to be the final recordings by Burning Witch as they broke up soon after the disc was completed. Originally released by Merciless Records on LP in 1998, Southern Lord released the CD version (»Crippled Lucifer« comp.) in 1998 and a 12” LP version in the Box Set circa 2011, also leaving listeners and collectors longing for physical variants ever since.

Finally, Southern Lord brings these two milestone albums to vinyl formats once again. »Towers« has been remastered from the 1/2″ master tape (lost until this version) by Mell Dettmer and will be available on black, opaque red and opaque gold vinyl. »Rift Canyon Dreams« will be available on black, cloudy clear and opaque evergreen vinyl.

Stream / share / buy Burning Witch »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« on Bandcamp.

Order »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« vinyl from the Southern Lord store.

The sound, attitude and execution of Burning Witch is very slow, painful, and heavy. While the band was unabashed about their influences, they effectively used them to create something unique for the time. Ultra-lumbering, dark minimalist riffs, bombastic bass, and plodding war drums collided with vocals which alter between a nasal, melodic singing voice to a brutal, tortured demented scream/shriek. Burning Witch were truly the first band to incorporate the dark atmosphere of Black Metal with tortured doom-metal and marked the unholy birth of a genre.

Blurring the edges of consciousness voids, time manipulation, experiments in black, down-tuned drone and harrowing vocals, members of Burning Witch eventually went on to Sunn O))), Khanate, Goatsnake and Asva. The »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« albums serve as important artifacts of the cryptic domain.

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One thought on “Southern Lord Recordings to release long-awaited Burning Witch »Towers« and »Rift Canyon Dreams« vinyls!

  1. This band was fucking incredible! Both Lps should be considered classics. Stephen Omally also had a band called “Teeth of lions rule the divine” with the godly Lee Dorian on vocals. Southern Lord was ounce the second best label in the world but they wimped out and started releasing a lot of punk stuff and turned there backs on doom!!!! This is the same label that got me into Boston’s “Grief”! Fucking pathetic!

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