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Ukrainian blackened sludge/post-metal trio Azimut share new music video for »Chthonic Call«; debut album »Stuma« out now via Robustfellow Prods.!

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine based blackened sludge/post-metal trio Azimut share new music video for the track »Chthonic Call« from their debut album, »Stuma«, which was just released on September 22nd, 2023 via Robustfellow Prods.

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01. Stuma
02. Obriad
03. Chthonic Call
04. Ostrak
05. Nema

Courtesy of Robustfellow Prods.:

“The video was taken from an old videotape found in an abandoned building of unknown authorship. The song was written under the influence of what was seen on the film; it’s about the dark sides of our personalities, about the attempt to acknowledge and accept our Shadow. It’s also a manifesto of misanthropy, a hatred for humanity, which sometimes appears to be a mistake of nature.”

»Stuma«, a five-track journey meticulously crafted by the talented minds behind Azimut. With a runtime of 45 minutes, this album is a sonic tapestry woven from the threads of post-metal, sludge, and black metal, delivering an experience that defies convention and elevates the senses.

Photo by @animocul

Through the canvas of sound and the strokes of visual art, Azimut and their music remind us that even in the darkest times, creativity and unity can shine brightly.

Each track is a chapter in this musical saga, guiding listeners through a labyrinth of emotions and introspection. From the title track »Stuma« to the haunting echoes of »Nema«, the album encapsulates the essence of Azimut’s creative prowess and artistic depth.

»Stuma« isn’t just an album – it’s a transformative journey. The themes of change, decay, and the acceptance of reality are intricately woven into every note, resonating with the listener’s own experiences and emotions. Azimut’s unique blend of influences, ranging from the melancholic to the aggressive, ensures an immersive experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Music by Nazarii Mykhailliuk, Petro Krul, Andrii Buchynskyi.
Lyrics by Nazarii Mykhailliuk.
Backing vocals by Ilarion Ivanenko, Yurii Dubrovskii.
Recorded, miхed and mastered by llarion Ivanenko.
Drums recorded by Bohdan Dorundiak.
Artwork by Petro Krul.
Design by Yurii Dubrovskii.
Video by Petro Krul.

Azimut is:
Nazar Mykhailliuk – Guitar, Vocals
Petro Krul – Bass
Andrii Buchynskyi – Drums

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