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US death/doom/progressive metal trio Turbid North is back with their third full-length album »The Decline«

Fort Worth, Texas based death/doom/progressive metal trio Turbid North return with their third full-length album, »The Decline«, which was just released on January 20th, 2023.

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01. Eternal Dying
02. The Oppressor
03. Slaves
04. Life Over Death
05. Patients
06. Drown In Agony
07. The Old Ones
08. The Road
09. A Dying Earth
10. Time

Turbid North is a three piece heavy doom band originating from Alaska and currently located in Fort Worth, Texas.

After a hiatus, 2022 saw the band regroup to release their 3rd full-length album »The Decline«. Written during some of the bleaker periods in the band’s lifespan, the album sees a darker and more aggressive sound added to the formula. Featuring themes of depression and mental illness, all set in the landscape of sci-fi lore that permeated their last album. »The Decline« is a collection of songs that delves into the downfall and self-destruction of a person.

Photo by Nick Forkel

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Forkel.

Turbid North is:
Nick Forkel – Guitars & Vocals
Chris O’Toole – Bass
Jono Garrett – Drums

“»The Road« is about survival in the bleakest situations. How far you’ll push yourself to keep going. Even if the world you’re living in isn’t all that great to begin with. ‘Suffer today, to live another day.’” says the band about »The Road«.

Nick Forkel on »Slaves« video: “When I was writing the song, I had this imagery in my head of a dystopian future city and someone trying to escape it. That really helped when doing the lyrics, and so it ended up about being trapped in your own mental prison. I was very influenced by Blade Runner when conceptualizing the visuals. It takes place in this dirty, futuristic mega city where instead of drugs, people are addicted to this virtual reality world and plugging your brain in. The two main characters are both slaves in this world. You have the human girl who’s a slave to the VR thing, and you have this robot woman who’s a slave to their society. And then there’s all of the ‘peasant’ workers, kind of similar to the film Metropolis. All slaves to someone or something.”

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