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Void Tripper stream their debut full-length album »Dopefiend«, out now via Abraxas Records

Brazilian stoner/sludge/doom purveyors Void Tripper stream their debut full-length album, »Dopefiend«, which was just released on June 11th, 2021 via Abraxas Records.

01. Devil’s Reject
02. Burning Woods
03. Hollow
04. Satan & Drugs
05. Comatose

Courtesy of Bruxa Verde Produções:

Since 2016 bringing a dense and heavy sonic catalysm through a wall of sludge/stoner/doom the Brazilian four-piece Void Tripper came as one of most solid and promising names inside the national heavy music scene, becaming a reference to the genre. And this journey brings us to »Dopefiend«, their first full album due to June release.

With the recording divided between the “homemade style” and Casa de Ensaio Studio (where the drums were recorded), mixed and mastered at Cosmos Art Studio and with the production done by the experienced musician Rafaum Costa the album »Dopefiend« brings the band in their most solid and reverberanting state with five tracks exhaling creativity and respect for the sources which they drink, presenting acid and sharped riffs, a balanced and noisy rhythm section and vocals that divide between the clean and the gutural, emanating inspirations from bands like Monolord, Electric Wizard, Acid Bath and Black Sabbath. The lyrical content of the tracks feature a acid and contestant aura bringing to the surface the human condition and the social-political chaos.

The debut’s album first single »Burning Woods« was oficially released in April 23 through Brazilian label Abraxas Records with a premiere granted by the respected portal The Obelisk, which gave to the band a great starting point for the promotion of their new material. »Dopefiend« will be avaliable digitally in June 11 through Abraxas Records and their premiere will be realized in June 9 via the renowded and acllaimed Decibel Magazine.

About Void Tripper:

In mid-2016 four friends who had known each other since school had a passion in common: Black Sabbath. Taking reference from bands like Acid Bath, Church Of Misery, Melvins, Electric Wizard and Sleep this passion resulted in Void Tripper. The band borrows from sound of stoner rock and the weight of doom metal, mixed with psychedelia and dirty riffs. There’s two vocalists and guitarists (Mário Fonteles and Anastácio Júnior alternating between aggressiveness and melody with drummer Gabriel Mota exploding in heavy attacks on the drums accompanied by the mind-boggling bass by Jonatas Monte, in a sound that at the same time refers to the sound classic of the 70s and exploring the aggressiveness of sludge metal.

Void Tripper is:
Mario Fonteles – Guitar, Vocals
Anastácio Júnior – Guitar, Vocals
Gabriel Mota – Drums
Jonatas Monte – Bass

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