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Wales blackened sludge/death metal trio Tides Of Sulfur share a music video for »Anxiety Veteran«; new album »Apathy Chasm« out in September via APF Records!

Cardiff, UK based blackened sludge/death metal trio Tides Of Sulfur share a music video for the first single »Anxiety Veteran« taken from their upcoming album, »Apathy Chasm«, out on September 29th, 2023 via APF Records. This is the band’s first new track in four years.

Video by Graham Bywater.

01. Anxiety Veteran
02. Ruined
03. (If The Earth Is Flat Then Why Is My Life Constantly Going) Downhill
04. Disgruntled
05. Summer Of Snakes
06. Blame Thrower
07. Open The Vain
08. Nazinsky

Courtesy of APF Records:

In the traditional sense of the word, Tides Of Sulfur are probably the heaviest band on APF Records right now; and probably in the non-traditional sense of the word too.

Hailing from Cardiff, Wales, the three piece death/blackened assault are a force to be reckoned with. Infected with that seemingly uniquely black metal trait of consistently putting out demos, EP’s, splits and singles, Tides Of Sulfur threw at least a full album’s worth of punishing noise our way long before their debut full-length »Extinction Curse« dropped in 2016. Whilst all their early output bears a listen, particularly of note is the 10 minute masterpiece »Ypres« from 2014, which shows off an impressive range; impressive in its parsing of the melodic and the dramatically unmelodic, creating something meldable despite the two halves being quite so discordant.

In 2019, »Paralysis Of Reason« saw the light of day and, whilst they had previously shown their penchant for the more delicate side of the heaviest of music, this was different. »Paralysis Of Reason« was start to end brutality, scarcely taking a breath, never mind ambling down a scenic soundscape. Nope, this was an EP which strove to make every single cell in your face sting, eschewing all notions otherwise.

Now, in 2023, Tides Of Sulfur return. Recorded in Wales in the summer of 2022, new album »Apathy Chasm« showcases the relentless power of this three-piece band, as they merge blackened sludge, black metal, death metal, and grind into an awe-inspiring sonic cataclysm. It takes listeners on an emotional journey through the abyss of human consciousness. Channeling the darkest aspects of the human experience, the album explores themes of existential dread, inner turmoil, and the relentless search for meaning in an apathetic world. The band’s seamless blend of blackened sludge, black metal, death metal, and grind creates a monstrous sound that is as unique as it is punishing.

Here is the first single, »Anxiety Veteran«, for your listening pleasure.

Written, arranged and badly performed by Tides Of Sulfur.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Walker at One Louder Studios, Newport, Wales during July 2022.
Artwork by Roberto Segate.
Layout by Dominic Sohor.
Video by Graham Bywater.

Pre-order »Apathy Chasm« here:
APF Records:

Tides Of Sulfur is:
Anthony “Snake” O’Shea – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Bull – Vocals, Bass, Noise
Tom Lee – Drums and Backing Vocals

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