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Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip To Arizona« feat. Mosara, Albino Python, Goya, Aiwass, Hudu Akil, Fuzz Evil and more!

Weedian presents a brand new compilation »Trip To Arizona« featuring artists such as Mosara, Albino Python, Goya, Aiwass, Hudu Akil, Stone Witch, Stereo Christ, Dead Canyon, Fuzz Evil, Weapon Of Pride and many more.

01. Albino Python – The Haunter Of The Dark
02. Goya – The Devil’s Prey
03. Stone Witch – Wind Walker
04. Gale – We Could Have Been Gods
05. Loserfur – To Be Gutted
06. Hudu Akil – Eye For An Eye
07. Surf Through Death – Blame The Wolf/The Future Will Ask
08. Coppernicus – Mirage
09. Sorxe – Make It So
10. Enirva – Zen Breaker
11. Lizard Throne – Castle In The Sky
12. Aiwass – Man As God
13. Via Vengeance – Haunt
14. Collapsian – Jhator
15. Secrets Of Lost Empires – Click Of The Gleet
16. Oblitheron – Phantoms II Glass The Planet (Weedian Mix)
17. TMPL – Graveyard Gospel
18. Dead Canyon – Wasting Arizona
19. Stereo Christ – Shadow Out Of Time
20. Mosara – Amena
21. Demon Grass – Conqueror
22. Lost Dutchman – Hillbilly Invocation
23. Fuzz Evil – Weve Seen it All
24. Serpent In The Rainbow – Restless In Pieces
25. Weapon Of Pride – Under Wings
26. Fuzzy Grapes – Dust of Three Strings
27. Grail – Hitman

The sun sets and the moon rises and the desert falls silent. The winds howl with the coyotes and as the sand gently brushes across the rocks, a sound is heard. A wall rises from nothing, bringing with it devastation and beauty. It is the sound of doom, of the riff, of the bombast of bass and drums. It is the sound of Arizona and the desert. Weedian’s »Trip to Arizona« is a glorious reflection of the musical growth of the state and its musicians. They are sunburnt, dust bitten, and free – they are sonic explorers who weave songs in the winds of the sandstorm. They are children of the desert, whether high or low, bringing riffs that free them from the dangers of the nature that surrounds them.

Words by Blake Carrera (Aiwass)

Artwork by Anggasa.

All tracks procured by permission of the bands and/or their record labels.

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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