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Czech stoner lunatics Acid Row released a music video for their latest single »Get Life«

Photos by Tereza Kopelentová

Czech stoner rock/grunge/doom trio Acid Row has recently released a music video for their latest single »Get Life«.

Music by Alex Fonar, Dominik Klesa, Venca Zlo and David Hlůžek.
Lyrics by Alex Fonar.
Recorded and mixed by Venca Zlo.
Mastered by Amak Golden at Golden Hive Studio.

If Robert Johnson reached the days of electric guitars and amps, he might have considered jamming with Czech stoner lunatics from Acid Row.

A three-piece from Prague combining different genres and subgenres related mainly to stoner rock with tendencies and attitude of punk, echoes of doom metal, hazed with elements of psychedelic rock, poignant noise rock or 90’s grunge. Existing since 2012. During that time they went through many mainly personal changes, but what persisted from the very beginning was their sympathy for the devil. Just like in the case of Robert Johnson. But meanwhile Johnson and other haunted bluesmen had laid the foundation for rock and roll and everything that followed, Acid Row resumed the devil’s ride with many rock and heavy metal legacies.

Acid Row is:
Alex Fonar – Vocals, Guitar
Dominik Klesa – Guitar
Radek Bacík – Drums

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