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German stoner rock trio Samavayo presents their seventh full-length album »Pāyān«, out today via Noisolution

German stoner rock trio Samavayo presents their seventh full-length album, »Pāyān«, which was released this Friday, March 25th, 2022 via Noisolution.

01. Afghan Sky (feat. Nick DiSalvo)
02. Shot Shot Shot Shot (feat. Tommi Holappa)
03. Payan (feat. Igor Sydorenko)
04. Transcend! Exceed!
05. Prophecy
06. Talagh
07. The Mission (feat. Willi Paschen)

Melodic, riff-heavy, heavy and compact. One album. seven songs 43 minutes. Samavayo put an exciting album on the table that can surprise.

Musically, the record differs audibly from its predecessors: more heavy, more prog, a lot of rage and a pinch of punk, polyphonic Alice In Chains vocals and last but not least an illustrious group of guests who visited the studio and for Samavayo contributed unusual solo parts: Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus), Tommi Holappa (Greenleaf, Dozer), Nick DiSalvo (Elder) and Willi Paschen (Coogans Bluff) didn’t take long to ask.

Recorded and mixed by Richard Behrens (Big Snuff Studio, Berlin), October 2021.
Mastered by Pascal Stoffels.
Artwork and paintings by Kiryk Drewinski.
Live pics by Cyril Perregaux.
Studio pics by Danny Kötter.

Photo by Danny Kötte

All songs written and composed by Samavayo.
All Lyrics by Samavayo.
Song »Talāgh« Written by Googoosh.
Lyrics of »Pāyān« taken from the poem »كرونا، روزهای تكرار« by Hossein Alavi.
Guitar solo in »Afghan Sky« by Nick DiSalvo.
Guitar solo in »The Mission« by Willi Paschen.
Guitar solo in »Pāyān« by Igor Sydorenko, recorded at Lipky Zvukozapys studio.
Guitar solo in »Shot Shot Shot Shot« by Tommi Holappa, recorded by Fredrik Nordin.

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Samavayo is:
Andreas Voland – Bass, Vocals, Organ
Behrang Alavi – Vocals, Guitar
Stephan Voland – Drums, Vocals, Percussion

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