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Sleepwulf stream the first single »Satan Is King« taken from their upcoming full-length album »Sunbeams Curl«

Swedish stoner rockers Sleepwulf stream the first single »Satan Is King« taken from their sophomore full-length album, »Sunbeams Curl«, which will be released on February 18th, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

The repress of their self-titled debut album with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks will see the light on the same date.

Says the band: “This song is about manifesting your own desires, when given the opportunity to break free from the dogmas of organised religion.”

From Heavy Psych Sounds:

Today we are extremly proud to start the pre-sale of the Swedish stoner rokerz Sleepwulf sophomore album »Sunbeams Curl« and of their self-titled debut repress (with 3 new bonus tracks)!!

Both releases will be out February 18th, 2022 on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Album pre-sale:

USA pre-sale:

Listen to the first single »Satan Is King« taken from the new album »Sunbeams Curl«, premiered on The Obelisk!

*** Sleepwulf – »Sunbeams Curl« ***

Released in:
• 15 test press vinyl
• 150 ultra ltd side a/side b red-gold-black vinyl
• 450 ltd red transparent vinyl
• Black vinyl
• Digipak
• Digital
Ultra Ltd Bundle
• »Sunbeams Curl« in 150 ultra ltd side a/side b red-gold-black vinyl + digipak
• »Sleepwulf« in 150 ultra ltd transparent background splatter pink-black vinyl + digipak
• T-shirt
• Shopper
• Poster

01. Satan Is King
02. Green Man Dead
03. Sex Magic Manifestation
04. Stoned Ape
05. Man Under The Mountain
06. Tyrant Song
07. Toad Licker Mushroom Picker
08. Bury Me Backwards

From mountain peak to valley deep, Sleepwulf’s new album »Sunbeams Curl« is a journey that is dripping with the seductive sounds of riff rock psychedelic proto doom.

Conjuring the sounds of bands such as Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull, Sleepwulf have summoned an album that oozes with fuzzy riffs, sordid tales and seductive occultism.

If the first album was about cycles, this one is about breaking them and its consequences.
»Sunbeams Curl« delves further into the well of ancient mysticism, alchemy and the occult. The underlying thread connecting it all, is the power of words to manifest reality; in both the individual and the collective consciousness.

This extends to the album artwork, with hidden optics and codes. Deciphering these will reap their own rewards.

The album was recorded live in their own woodland studio outside Kristianstad, Sweden.
To capture a live organic sound everything was done live onto an old tape machine.
This new album is both heavier and more dynamic, building upon every aspect of the last.
This is an album with hidden secrets which will unravel in the not too distant future.

*** Sleepwulf – »Sleepwulf« ***
Repress of the Swedish stoner rock wizards debut album with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Released in:
• 15 test press vinyl
• 150 ultra ltd transparent background splatter pink-black vinyl
• 450 ltd cherry pink vinyl
• Black vinyl
• Digipak
• Digital

01. Wizard Slayer
02. Beasts Of Collision
03. Standing Stones
04. God Of The Gaps
05. Tumbling Towers
06. Misty Mountain
07. Wicked Man
08. One Eyed Jailor
09. Spell Of The Dead Man’s Hand (Bonus Track)
10. Witches Covenant (Bonus Track)
11. Moonbeams Curl (Bonus Track)

Sleepwulf’s debut album is a bonfire of vintage 70s proto doom sounds that recently set fire to the underground rock scene, managing to gain a #3 spot on the cuvited Doom Charts.

Inspired heavily from the work of renowned occultist John Dee, this album attempts to rekindle his vision of a united cosmos. From the stars to atoms and back again, every aspect of the album is rooted in these core principles. These themes also seep into the back cover artwork which was cut from a single piece of paper, with each image representing a song on the album.

To keep the authentic retro vibe, the album was self-recorded live on tape in their practice room. “It was a journey to capture the sound we were hearing when we jammed together but after a lot of trial and error, we got there in the end.”

The cover art was drawn in the late 70s by the singer’s father and left undiscovered in a cupboard for 40 years until shortly before the album was finished.

This is an album of cycles and connection, which endeavors to bring the sounds of old into the burning sun once again.

Sleepwulf is:
Owen Robertson – Vocals
Sebastian Ihme – Guitar
Carl Lindbuerg – Drums
Viktor Sjöström – Bass

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