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Swiss doomgaze trio E-L-R release a music video for their brand new single »Opiate The Sun«

Swiss doomgaze trio E-L-R release a music video for the third single »Opiate The Sun« taken from their sophomore full-length album, »Vexier«, out on March 11th, 2022 via Prophecy Productions.

Says the band: “The third single and video »Opiate The Sun« is now streaming everywhere. Video concept and execution by the very talented and devoted team of Atlov. Recorded, mixed & mastered by our brilliant long-time friend Remo Häberli at Hidden Stash Tonstudio. A huge thank you to all the incredible people that helped us out (Kevin, Lara, Isa, Emilie) and especially to Vali! And a big Merci to Ramon Lehmann for helping us out with the drone shots.”

01. Opiate The Sun
02. Three Winds
03. Seeds
04. Fleurs Of Decay
05. Forêt

From Prophecy Productions:

E-L-R’s sophomore full-length »Vexier« oscillates elegantly between velvet darkness and flaring bursts of high energy. The style of the Swiss has been dubbed ‘doomgaze’ and ‘post-metal’ and both terms apply loosely to the trio’s meandering, down-tempo doom-epics. E-L-R’s hypnotic phrases that are constantly varied and warped in repeating loops are reminiscent of shamanic rituals imbued with psychedelic colours. The trio weaves a subtle tapestry with diligence and persistence that depicts a labyrinth full of intricate details and hidden treasures.

»Vexier« does not give up its secrets easily and there are many shifts and twists hiding in its sonic shadows as implied by the title that derives from the Latin word “vexare” meaning “to plague, to irritate” and in German a “Vexierbild” means a flip-flop image while in some dialects a “Vexier” is a puzzle game.

Photo by Ramon Lehmann

E-L-R were conceived by bass-player I.R. and guitarist S.M., who both also took on vocal duties in the German Swiss city of Bern in 2016. They were soon joined by another friend, drummer M.K., whose emotive and intricate style proved to be the perfect fit. The release of their debut album »Mænad« (2019) was greeted with widespread acclaim by critics and fans alike.

With »Vexier«, E-L-R take another decisive step forward and invite the listener on an adventurous journey through their fascinating and multi-dimensional musical cosmos.

Pre-order »Vexier« here:

E-L-R are:
I.R. – Bass, Vocals, Effects
S.M. – Guitar, Vocals, Effects
M.K. – Drums

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