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Australian doom/sludge/death metal act Aglo stream debut full-length album »Build Fear«, out now via Brilliant Emperor Records

Melbourne, Australia based doom/sludge/death metal act Aglo has just unleashed their debut full-length album »Build Fear« on November 10th, 2023 via Brilliant Emperor Records. Featuring Aaron Osborne (I Exist, Mental Cavity, Extortion) and Colin Young (Twitching Tongues, Gods Hate, DeadBody).

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01. Last Rites
02. Storm Of Fears
03. Regression
04. Relativity Undone
05. Shame As A Weapon
06. Warhead
07. Into The Maze

Courtesy of Brilliant Emperor Records:

After a difficult period of illness and a scarcity of recorded music, a peculiar entity has emerged from the heart of a dying star in a nearby cluster of planets. The crew has aptly named this enigmatic monolith “Aglo”. It has taken on the form of down-tuned guitars, slow hooks, and death metal sensibilities, infecting all who come into contact with its ravenous power.

Upon conducting communications diagnostics, it has been discovered that the latest audible horror, known as »Build Fear«, was recorded and mixed by Taylor Young (God’s Hate, Kruelty, Tribal Gaze) at The Pit Recording Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Although the crew remains relatively calm and entranced by the sounds emanating from Aglo, fans of musical stylings similar to Crowbar, Incantation, EyeHateGod, and Morbid Angel should approach with caution as their obsession could potentially pose a threat to their lives.

Finally, this log entry should serve as a warning to all who encounter this beast. Prepare yourselves, as the drive to worship at the altar of The Almighty Riff is strong, and resistance may prove futile.

Get »Build Fear« LP through Brilliant Emperor on three different colour vinyl options limited to 155 copies:

Produced by Aaron Osborne and Taylor Young.
Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Artwork and Layout by Tom Sweetman.

Aaron Osborne – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Colin Young – Drums

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