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Australian instrumental rock post-rock outfit Mushroom Giant return with new full-length album »In A Forest«

Melbourne, Australia based instrumental rock post-rock outfit Mushroom Giant return with their fourth full-length album, »In A Forest«, which just dropped this Friday, April 28th, 2023 on LP/CD/digital via Dunk!records, The Bird’s Robe Collective and Rue Morgue Records.

01. Owls
02. Vestige
03. Earthrise
04. Aire River Rapids
05. Mountain Ash
06. And the Earthly Remains
07. The Green Expanse

Courtesy of Creative Eclipse PR:

Mushroom Giant have announced the release of their highly anticipated new album »In A Forest« through Australian label Bird’s Robe.

They will celebrate the release of the record with their European debut at Belgium’s Dunk Festival in May, alongside We Lost The Sea, Maybeshewill, God Is An Astronaut & And So I Watch You From Afar.

Before they depart, they will also perform with Japanese post-rock legends Mono in Melbourne in March, as well as co-headlining at The Vanguard in Sydney on May 6 with Seims & Solkyri.

Known for their live performances which offer an aural and visual experience that transcend the conventional rock band, they explore a theatrical realm full of colour and imagery.

The record showcases the band’s dark, progressive, cinematic sound, which has been a hallmark of their 15-year career to date.

Formed in 2002, the band have become a legendary part of the Australian underground music scene and performed alongside many notable post-rock artists including Mono, Pelican, Sleepmakeswaves, We Lost The Sea & more.

The album will be co-released on the iconic post-rock label Dunk!Records and available on digital, CD & LP formats.

In Europe, order via Dunk!records:
In Australia, order via Rue Morgue Records:

Courtesy of Dunk!records:

Australia has been going strong on the post-rock and progressive front for the last few years. Solkyri, Seims, Svntax Error, and of course We Lost the Sea, the land down under has really been blessing us with golden music as of late. This Australian wave of sorts, distinguishes itself for a more math-y and breezy and generally airer approach to crescendo-and-climax construction favouring a sound that is more direct, robust and.. well sunny. There must be something in the water, or maybe the gilded beaches and gorgeous waves off the coasts of Australia are inspiring these great bands to show us this more accessible face of post-rock; but matter of fact, the Australian scene is a true force to be reckoned with.

Mushroom Giant balance themselves comfortably on this new wave, riding through with songs that are as catchy as they are genuine. The band’s new album »In A Forest« is a passionately crafted instrumental epic. Awash in soundscapes and fuzzed out psychedelia, the record is yet another example of why these Australian veterans are so revered by their peers. From the hard rock of »Mountain Ash«, to the post-rock of »Vestige«, to the hangover inducing »Earthrise«, it’s all impeccably produced and performed. Where their live shows are often accompanied by visual projections to overwhelm the senses, the experience of listening to Mushroom Giant alone is enough to conjure imagery just as powerful in the mind.

On this fourth record, it’s easy to see why Mushroom Giant are at the centre of a scene that is increasingly becoming the dominant force in this genre. »In A Forest« is a dynamic and multi-faceted progressive record, and most importantly it is a fun record; a sincere effort shining with the same light as St. Kilda beach on a summer day. So crack a beer (or your favourite non-alcoholic drink) and feel the rays, hear the waves and ride on!

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