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Black Sadhu share a music video for their latest single »Mindless Masses«

German psychedelic doom/stoner metal band Black Sadhu share a music video for their latest single »Mindless Masses«, out on December 30th, 2021.

Says the band: “»Mindless Masses« is about being confusingly confronted in isolation, with your own fears and demons in times of lockdown and mass hysteria. Dystopian Psychedelic Doom!”

“The inspiration for the track is all in the name. If recent events have demonstrated anything clearly, it’s that human ignorance knows no limits. We see recurring throughout the ages how, when fear spreads through society, people group together bound by whatever theory gives them a feeling of security. The moment we surrender ourselves to a group dogma, be it the radical belief in a fringe conspiracy theory or the extreme faith in mainstream ideas, we become blind to hypocrisy and stupidity. It is a terrifying and tragic phenomenon, precisely this sentiment we wanted to express through the music. These elements of tragedy and horror are something we think are so essential to look at unveiled in these times, instead of just trying to ignore them. This song inspires an uncomfortable feeling that life is somewhat of a disturbing dream and that death is all around us and will take us all sooner or later.” adds Black Sadhu.

Berlin’s heavy doom coven open the gates to deeper grounds and inner paths. Combining elements of world music with dark psychedelia and doom. Black Sadhu chants its apocalyptic chorus for the dying days of planet earth. Haunting melodies reign over epic riffs and dark mystic spells, inducing a heavy possessed state of trance.

Music by Black Sadhu.
Lyrics by Martin Tri Cederlund and Max Lowry.
Recorded by Görkem Köksal and Robin Levin at SAE Studios Berlin, Germany.
Mixed and mastered by Robin Levin.
Artwork by Martin Tri Cederlund.

Black Sadhu at the time of recording:
Max Lowry – Guitar & Vocals
Martin Tri Cederlund – Drums & Voices
Maya Ma – Bass
Robin Levin – Effects, Harmonica, Growls

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