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Danish doom/sludge metal band Dread Witch sign with DHU Records to release »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« debut on limited edition vinyl!

DHU Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Denmark’s death doomers Dread Witch!!

DHU Records will release »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« on limited edition vinyl in early 2024.

Test Press, DHU Exclusive & Band Editions will be available…


Embark on a journey through a dark wasteland infested with oozing swamps, sludge and filth. Feel the blood seeping from a sky blackened by the funeral pyre of mankind. All hope is lost. The end times are upon us. Worship at the altar of decadence. Pledge allegiance to the Dread Witch!

When the thirty second guttural roar kicks in on the darkly psychedelic, heavy as a ton of bricks opening track “The Tower«, it hits you in the face like an iron gauntlet and lets you know that you are in for a treat!

On track two, »Serpent God«, Dread Witch invites you to partake in a satanic blood ritual complete with occult chanting, blasphemous chugging and a crushing outro that will grind you full-length into the dirt.

As the dust settles, the atmospheric intro to monumental third track »Leech« fades in, teasing a brief respite from the metallic onslaught before exploding in an earth shatteringly heavy chorus to a truly malefic song about exploitation and abuse.

»Worm Tongue« brings a more melodious side to the fore with an ethereal middle section that leaves a haunting impression amidst dissonant chords and sludgy distortion.

On penultimate track »Into The Crypt«, Dread Witch combines death metal phrasings, staccato thrash riffing and doom tempos to create an infernal freight train of death.

Melancholy instrumental closer »Severed« is the dirge of all you have come to know and love. Mournful harmonies tell a story of loss and sorrow as the creeping darkness dissolves everything into oblivion.The end times are upon us. All hope is lost… this is doom for the doomed!

Dread Witch – »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« (DHU078)

Side A:

A1. The Tower
A2. Serpent God
A3. Leech

Side B:

B1. Worm Tongue
B2. Into The Crypt
B3. Severed

Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen
Drums recorded and engineered by Ole Madsen
Additional drum engineering by Kasper Sørensen
Vocals recorded at Mikael’s place
Guitars, bass and keys recorded at Dom Wariatów
Artwork & Layout by Branca Studio
Music and lyrics by Andreas Cadaver

Listen to »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« here:

Dread Witch is:
Mikael Rise – Vocals and Guitar
Dennis Larsen – Drums
Andreas Cadaver – Guitar
Leifur Nielsen – Bass
Pelle Santana – Lead Guitar

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