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Danish stoner metal band Stone Cadaver announces their new drummer

Photos by Ulrik Haenschke Østergaard Frederiksen

Aarhus, Denmark based heavy and dirty 70s inspired stoner metal band Stone Cadaver announces their new drummer, Karsten “Cuckoo” Gøeg (Kill Trip).

The band comments: “Good people! The search is over! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Karsten “Cuckoo” Gøeg to camp Stone Cadaver. An otherworldly groove wizard sporting a beard of gandalfian proportions, Karsten will be in charge of drumming duties henceforth.

An extremely pleasant fellow, Karsten, who also plays in Kill Trip, is the embodiment of laid back, yet tight, drumming. Having mastered the set in a few sessions, Karsten has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s got what it takes to fill the empty throne behind the kit.

We look to the future with a high degree of optimism and can’t wait to take the stage and record new music with Karsten!

Until further notice, our first gig with the bearded groove slinger is at BoringHell Fest 2022 in August.”

Stone Cadaver is a three-piece stoner metal band hailing from the cold wastes of Aarhus, Denmark. Formed in 2014 by a bunch of guys with a lust for kicking ass, Stone Cadaver is the equivalent of a cannon laying down a barrage of dirty, 70s inspired riffs and crushing slow paced grooves on the bleeding ears of the listener.

Picture three guys in denim vests fusing the likes of Pentagram, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard in their heavy riffing and you have a pretty good idea of what Stone Cadaver is all about.

Stone Cadaver is:
Anders Bech Nielsen – Guitar, Vocals
Andreas Slocinski – Bass
Karsten “Cuckoo” Gøeg – Drums

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