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Deathwhite share a music video for the first single »Earthtomb« taken from their upcoming full-length album »Grey Everlasting«

American dark metal act Deathwhite share a music video for the first single »Earthtomb« taken from their third full-length album, »Grey Everlasting«, scheduled for release on June 10th, 2022 via Season Of Mist.

Video directed by Guilherme Henriques.

01. Nihil
02. Earthtomb
03. No Thought Or Memory
04. Quietly, Suddenly
05. Grey Everlasting
06. White Sleep
07. Immemorial
08. Formless
09. So We Forget
10. Blood And Ruin
11. Asunder

From Season Of Mist:

Enigmatic dark metal outfit Deathwhite will be releasing their third full-length, »Grey Everlasting«, on June 10 via Season Of Mist! The band is now sharing the devastating first single, »Earthtomb«, along with a music video! The heart-wrenching video, which was created by Guilherme Henriques, can be found at THIS LOCATION.

Deathwhite comments: “It is our abundant pleasure to share the video for »Earthtomb«, the first single from »Grey Everlasting«. The immaculate Guilherme Henriques shot the clip in Aceredo, Spain and Porto, Portugal. Unfortunately, the song and video are a rather timely and direct reflection of the times we live when unchecked power, deception, gas-lighting and flat-out lies are used as tools to wreak havoc upon humanity and sow discord.

“»Earthtomb« was written as our observation – and inherent wish – that these individuals succumb to their misdeeds. What is happening in Ukraine at the moment has, for the members of Deathwhite, made this song more prescient than ever. Our hearts go out to those impacted by this utter tragedy.”

»Grey Everlasting« will follow up 2020’s critically-acclaimed »Grave Image«, which was named one of the best metal albums of 2020 by Bravewords, Heavy New York, Dead Rhetoric, A&P Reacts, Teeth of the Divine, and Pandemonium TV.

Photos by Shane Mayer

»Grey Everlasting« is available to pre-order HERE and can be pre-saved to your streaming library HERE.

Anno 2022 marks the tenth year of Deathwhite. The ensuing years have borne witness to the continued, if not expedited unravelling of humankind and the world in which it so harshly occupies. The 2020 global pandemic – an event of unimaginable magnitude – has amplified the worst in us. Cruelty, dishonesty, greed, obfuscation, and selfishness are celebrated, worn as a badge of pride as the world burns figuratively and literally. Such was the environment of discontent and isolation that enigmatic dark metal quartet Deathwhite concocted its third full-length studio offering, »Grey Everlasting«.

Utilizing the same team as 2020’s Grave Image, »Grey Everlasting« was recorded during May and June 2021 at Cerebral Audio Productions with producer/engineer Shane Mayer. Vocals were again tracked at Erik Rutan’s (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) Mana Recording under the guidance of engineer Art Paiz. Legendary Swedish producer and engineer Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Nightingale) is responsible for the mastering, while French visual artist Jérôme Comentale reprised his role for the fourth consecutive Deathwhite release.

Written just as the global lockdown began in March 2020, »Grey Everlasting« is an album of diversity and depth. While the band’s clean vocal delivery set to the backdrop of unyielding dark metal remains ever-present, some new wrinkles are added to Deathwhite’s sound. Extreme metal elements – a reference to the band’s musical background – as well as heavy keyboard orchestration have been brought to the fore. The album also treads more atmospheric paths while staying true to Deathwhite’s melodic underpinnings.

“We have grown accustomed to putting our songs under a microscope, but this album demanded an even deeper examination of where we wanted to go,” said the band collectively. “There was little interest in re-writing Grave Image; instead, we had to carve new paths and challenge ourselves musically. We were unafraid to try new things, so, accordingly, the creation process was occasionally arduous. However, it made the result something we are incredibly proud of.”

Lyrically, »Grey Everlasting« balances Deathwhite’s harsh view of the world with themes of self-preservation. It is a rare glimmer of light from a band that has regularly addressed the ills of humankind on previous albums. However, the onset of the global pandemic made »Grey Everlasting« an appropriate title.

“The album’s lyrics were assembled throughout the pandemic, events that also included strife on the political and human rights front,” said the band. “As disheartening as these events were, they were hardly a surprise. The human race has had more than enough time to figure out how to coexist properly, but still cannot get it right…and it never will.”

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