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Dread Witch’s debut album »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« available now in digital format on all major streaming platforms

Danish doom/sludge metal group Dread Witch has just released their debut album »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« on January 27th, 2023 in digital format.

»Tower Of The Severed Serpent« is available now on all major streaming platforms!

01. The Tower
02. Serpent God
03. Leech
04. Wormtongue
05. Into The Crypt
06. Severed

Embark on a journey through a dark wasteland infested with oozing swamps, sludge and filth. Feel the stinging blood seeping from a sky blackened by the funeral pyre of mankind. All hope is lost. The end times are upon us. Worship at the altar of decadence. Pledge allegiance to the Dread Witch… this is doom for the doomed!

About album:
Mixed and mastered by legendary Danish producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn etc.), »Tower Of The Severed Serpent« is a massive sounding doom album boasting thick layers of low-tuned guitars, distorted bass, meditative ambient textures, and insane vocals. Artwork by Branca Studio. Fans of Conan, With the Dead, Triptykon and Devin Townsend will feel right at home!

About Dread Witch:
Dread Witch is a doom metal band hailing from Aarhus, Denmark. Formed in 2022, Dread Witch consists of Andreas Cadaver (ex-Stone Cadaver) on guitar, Mikael Rise (Scamp) on vocals and guitar, Dennis Larsen (ex-Olm) on drums, Leifur Nielsen (The World State, ex-Horned Almighty) on bass and Pelle Santana on lead guitar.

Dread Witch plays dark, atmospheric and heavy music with, as Deathrattle Podcast put it, “riffs of gravitational force and neutroniun density”.

Dread Witch is:
Andreas Cadaver – Guitar
Mikael Rise – Vocals, Guitar
Pelle Santana – Lead Guitar
Leifur Nielsen – Bass
Dennis Larsen – Drums

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