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Finnish stoner/sludge metal trio Ceased Sunfire unveil new single »Can’t See Inside«; debut album »The Divide« out in Autumn 2023!

Helsinki, Finland based stoner/sludge metal trio Ceased Sunfire has unveiled the third and final single »Can’t See Inside« taken from their upcoming debut album, titled »The Divide«, due out in Autumn 2023.

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It takes a unique blend of influences to make a mark in the crowded world of heavy music, and Finnish band Ceased Sunfire have just that. Led by the enigmatic frontman Ale, the band mixes sludgy southern stoner metal sound with heavy moodiness, haunting melodies, and the crushing brutality of Finnish metal.

But what really sets them apart is their ability to weave these disparate elements together into something truly original. On their upcoming album, »The Divide«, the band explores the themes of separation, addiction and disconnection, both from within oneself and from others. Ale’s haunting vocals soar over intricate guitar work and thundering rhythms, creating a soundscape that is at once expansive and claustrophobic.

Photo by Juho Karenko

With tracks like »The Bridge« and »Sunny in Your Head«, Ceased Sunfire show that they have not only honed their sound but also their songwriting skills. The result is an album that takes the listener on a journey through the darkest corners of the mind, exploring themes that are both personal and universal. It’s a testament to the band’s artistry and vision that they are able to create something so powerful and moving, and it’s clear that they are poised to make a mark in the world of heavy music for years to come.

Embracing a darker, slower, doom-inspired style, »Can’t See Inside« is a great addition to their previous work. The band’s excitement is palpable as they reveal this musical evolution.

As the final installment in their pre-release trilogy, »Can’t See Inside« promises an emotional journey that’s bound to captivate listeners. Join Ceased Sunfire on their musical exploration and mark your calendars for August 25th!

Ceased Sunfire is:
Ale – Vocals, Guitars
Fellu – Bass
Juza – Drums

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