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Italian alternative/post-grunge/stoner rock band Megaride presents their debut album »Mo’«, out now via Karma Conspiracy Records

Naples, Italy based alternative/post-grunge/stoner rock band Megaride presents their debut album, entitled »Mo’«, which was just released on March 24th, 2023 via Karma Conspiracy Records.

01. Zio Stone
02. A Piedi Nudi
03. Must Ovèr
04. Rosso Marte
05. Baagarìa
06. Due Guance
07. Cascate
08. Viaggeremo

Megaride is a stoner rock band from Naples. The group mix their innumerable stoner, grunge and doom influences with the evocative power of the Neapolitan language, thus giving a disruptive personality to the band’s songs, in which pressing rhythms, wild distortions and scathing lyrics give life to an angry scream that the audio systems are hardly able to contain.

“Mo'” is one of the best known and most used Neapolitan words. It means “now”, “in this moment”, but since the Neapolitans have no time to waste, they prefer to use this little word which also gives an image of the transience of life, of how short and unrepeatable the moment we are living is. This fleetingness is what we want to express with this record. A set of unrepeatable instants and moments, stolen from the continuous flow of life and set in the notes and words of these songs which put together give life to a single great story, the story of a journey that we all face for better or for worse: the journey of life. Only by using this magic word is it possible to appreciate the journey and to live in the Mo(‘)ment.

Produced by Filippo Buono.
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Monolith Recording Studio, Vitulano (BN).

Order »Mo’« on vinyl here:

Megaride is Daniele Musella, Gianmarco Nanino, Giovanni Cutugno and Alessio Bacioterracino.

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