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Montreal’s Milanku release moody, morose post-rock album »À l’aube« and announce vinyl pre-sales; out today via Folivora Records, D7i Records and Moment Of Collapse Records!

Montreal, Canada based post-rock band Milanku is streaming their new full-length album, »À l’aube«, which was just released today, March 31st, 2023 via Folivora Records (Canada), D7i Records (Canada/USA) and Moment Of Collapse Records (EU).

01. À l’aube; de leurs silences
02. À l’aube; il sera déjà trop tard
03. À l’aube; prêchant la mauvaise nouvelle
04. À l’aube; de la grande tristesse
05. À l’aube; nous sommes disparus

Courtesy of Asher Media Relations:

With four full-length releases behind them, Canada’s Milanku presents »À l’aube«, a five-track burn that breathes new life into a caste of disenfranchised people, imbued with a disarming lucidity, and gives itself a framework and a voice to pull its head out of the swamp. This melancholic release is full-bodied, and intense, heavily influenced by the emotions of despair and loneliness brought on by the pandemic.

Bassist/vocalist Guillaume Chamberland comments: “After a long hiatus, we are excited to perform this new album live. We have maintained our core sound but we have grown immensely musically, I mean we had lots of time on our hands…and this album basically represents an offering to our fans who have been waiting for new music from us. They can expect heavy post-rock with more maturity and finesse.”

Most of the skeleton of the album was built before the pandemic. After a few months of downtime, Milanku refined and modified the songs and recorded the songs in two studio sessions. The pandemic had an impact on the sound of all the songs on the album, without it, the result of the album would not be the same at all.

Photo by Alexandra Stairs

Compared to their previous releases, it is a return to the sound they had on the »Pris À La Gorge« album but with more maturity and a certain musical evolution of the group. The last track features Erika Angell from Thus Owls comes to embellish the album. Sad and slow, with clear influences from genres such as post-metal, hardcore, and crust, Milanku is recommended for fans of Neurosis, Envy, and Cult Of Luna.

»À l’aube« is now streaming via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

The album »À l’aube« is due out March 31st, 2023 via Folivora (Canada), D7i (Canada/USA), and Moment Of Collapse (EU).

Album and vinyl pre-order:​

Show Dates:
March 31st – Ausgang Plaza – Montreal. QC

About: If Milanku draws its origins from the work of Milan Kundera, the soundtrack is definitely more on the side of the thundering density of the being than of its “unbearable lightness”, galvanized by the Czech author.

From the start, Milanku hammers out its brutal character, infused with melancholy, even dystopia, and standing straight upright on the wire: defiant, shouting, and inspired.

Mesmerized by the warrior’s rage, flayed by its own doldrums, the quartet relies on pared-down arrangements and an oft-staged vocal presence, harmonizing like an instrument, and howling at the big time, but plastered with a disquieting sense of dilettante.

At the heart of the enterprise, tearing off the peels of flapping skins, we explore the state of affairs of the contemporary genre, tragic, desolate, where any notion of common sense seems diffuse in the amalgam of trompe-l’oeil. The texts are meditative, inquisitive and the observations that emanate from them, weep and persist in trying to make sense of it, through its ever-growing losses of illusion.

With four full-length releases behind them, both in Canada (D7i Records, Désordre Ordonné, L’oeil du Tigre), and abroad (Tokyo Jupiter Records (Japan), Moments of Collapse (Germany), Replenish Records (USA), GS Production Records (Russia), We Are Grain Of Sand (Russia) Alerta-Antifascista, Milanku presents today »À l’aube« (Folivora, 2023), a five-track burn that breathes new life into a caste of disenfranchised people, imbued with a disarming lucidity, and gives itself a framework and a voice to pull its head out of the swamp.

International recognition: The band has been affiliated with several; indie labels and distributors over the years, namely: in Canada (D7i Records, Désordre Ordonné, L’oeil du Tigre), Jupiter Records (Japan), Moments Of Collapse (Germany), Replenish Records (USA), GS production records (Russia), We are Grain of Sand (Russia) as well as Alerta-Antifascista (Germany).

In 2016, the band will continue to tour Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

The band’s albums have been consistently recognized at the GAMIQ since 2013 in addition to jumping on a plethora of specialized year-end lists around the globe.

Album and Live Band Lineup:​
François Lemieux – Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Carl Ruest – Guitar, Vocals
Guillaume Chamberland – Bass, Vocals
Guillaume Boudreau-Monty – Drums
Jean-François Bourbonnais – Guitar

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