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New York doom/death metal outfit In This House Of Mourning stream their debut EP »Penance«

New York doom/death metal outfit In This House Of Mourning led by Ben Ianuzzi (ex-Mountain God) stream their debut EP, »Penance«, which was released digitally on February 28th, 2022.

01. The Path Worn Down
02. Judgement
03. Cruel Death

Music, arrangements and lyrics by B.I.
Recorded by Aady Pandit at The Underground Lair, Queens, NY, 2021.

In This House Of Mourning is an extreme metal band from the NYC area. Founded in August, 2020. Their influences range from funeral doom, to death-doom, and black metal.

Ben Ianuzzi on »Penance«: “I guess I’ll say this. Given the order of the songs- PWD, J, CD – it’ll be obvious in the lyrics that its kind of an attack on the kinds of people that say lovely things about someone once they die. How people sort of glorify people at the end, as if it’s somehow honorable. Death is cruel, and sometimes people live out their miserable lives and are just as miserable at the end.

They may pretend that they aren’t – and others say kind words about them to make it seem like the end was peaceful – but a lot of that is just to make the survivors feel better.

And while I wrote the music before (which I more or less played every instrument on, and wrote the lyrics) I wrote the lyrics, everything just fit. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t write about such a morose topic because I wrote funeral doom songs – it was very genuine.

Whereas Mountain God was very impersonal, and was very outward in its anger, this band is much more personal. It’s much more inward-facing.

So while everything I said in the press release was true, deeper below the surface, these songs are pretty much my innermost feelings. Less driven by exterior issues and more personal thoughts.”

B.I. – Guitars, Bass, Synths/Organs
V.C. – Guitars
G.D. – Drums
J.A. – Vocals
A.P. – Synths, Production

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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