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New York fuzzy stoner doom solo project Ultra Void share a music video for the brand new single »Mother Of Doom«

Brooklyn, New York based fuzzy stoner doom solo project Ultra Void has released a music video for the brand new single »Mother Of Doom«.

Ultra Void is a stoner doom band from Brooklyn NY formed in 2020. First started as a four-piece, now existing as solo project by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jihef Garnero, also a member of NY sludge/stoner/doom metal band Moron.

Jihef Garnero on »Mother Of Doom«: “When I originally recorded the song it was only bass and drums. On the verse the chords kept ringing in expanding waves. Hitting the riffs on the 1st and the 4th beat made it sound ominous and disorienting. I had a mental picture of a cracking glacier with the wind blowing ferociously. I knew the theme of nature was the DNA of the song but I didn’t have a clear direction yet.

Then I thought about the ancient pagan tribes and wondered what life would be like if a thunderstorm for instance would be seen as a punishment from the gods. So »Mother Of Doom« is just that. A little horror story of a pagan society trying to survive by way of sacrifice to the mother of us all.

It is a reminder that even though we know better these days we’re still not in charge. Experiencing the lockdown was truly brutal in that regard. It almost happened overnight. All of the sudden you were on your own trying to figure out the best way to survive knowing that the immediate future was a blurry concept at best. Dealing with somber thoughts was expected: “Are we cursed, are we dying, are we lied to, is this living ?”

The idea of an offrand or sacrifice is also my way of saying too much compromise can kill a man.

You’re trying your best to navigate the ups and downs – “play with us, play against us”, trying your best to make things work and you woke up one day feeling like some “broken souls”.

The video was edited by Spencer Maxwell of Orange Echo Films. I am really excited to share it. It’s a work of art. It’s like the doom is pouring out of every frame.”

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

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