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Portugese depressive black/doom metal band Lacrau released their debut full-length album »Axioma«, out now via Monumental Rex

Portugese depressive black/doom metal band Lacrau has just released their debut full-length album »Axioma« this Friday, September 22nd, 2023 via Monumental Rex. Featuring members from Carma and Everto Signum.

01. Premissa
02. Doença
03. Declínio
04. Queda
05. Veneno
06. Conclusão

Courtesy of Monumental Rex:

Monumental Rex premieres the debut Lacrau full-length album Axioma today. Set to release tomorrow, September 22nd, Axioma can be streamed in its entirety on YouTube.

Formed in the mountainous region of Serra da Estrela, Portugal, Lacrau introduces »Axioma« – a conceptual work that combines depressive, black and doom metal elements to tell a story inspired by the legendary Scandinavian senicide ritual. It is told that the practice consisted in elderly people throwing themselves, or being thrown, from precipices after becoming unable to take care of themselves or perform everyday tasks. Written in Portuguese, the lyrical narrative describes the ritual from different angles: the realization of the burden, the journey to the cliff, the induced feelings and the acceptance of the fate.

»Axioma« unfolds during six tracks totaling 38 minutes. The opening track sets the tense mood for the gloomy tale. The next four chapters immerse the listener into the storyline by means of aggressive, melancholic and melodic riffage, harsh extreme vocals, dynamic and punchy drums, and an overall dense and crisp sonority. The closing piece establishes the aftermath ambience of the rite of passage. Thus, all tracks create a continuous soundscape that seamlessly represents the ebb and flow of the narrated events.

Featuring members from Carma and Everto Signum, Lacrau recorded and produced »Axioma« independently. Abstract and symbolic illustrations, hand-drawn by Lacrau, complement the story, while the design and layouting tasks were carried out by Infected Minds.

Explore »Axioma« on YouTube, courtesy of the Atmospheric Black Metal Albums channel. Additional information is available on Bandcamp, where the album and physical merch pre-orders are active.

Order your copy here:

Music and lyrics written by Nekruss and Gabriel.
All arrangements by Lacrau.
Recorded and produced by Lacrau.
Mixed and mastered by Nekruss.
Artwork by Gabriel.
Logo and layout by Infected Minds.

Vocals, bass and adufe performed by Nekruss.
Guitars performed by Nekruss and Æminus (session).
Drums performed by Nikola Dušmanić (session).

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