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Slovakian gothic/doom/death metal band Thalarion to release debut album »Towards The Obscure Slumberland« on vinyl via Pařát Productions

Slovakian gothic/doom/death metal band Thalarion is gearing up to release their 1996 debut album »Towards The Obscure Slumberland« on black vinyl this September via Czech label Pařát Productions.

01. Lunatic’s Third Eye
02. The Odyssey
03. Perverse Love To God
04. Thou, Who Walk To Eternity
05. As The Memories Of Slavs Awake
06. The Pyramid Of Sorrow
07. Towards The Obscure Slumberland
08. Unreal Delusions
09. A Lullaby Untold

Courtesy of Pařát Productions:

Petr from Pařát Productions comments: “I have always loved the music of Slovak Thalarion. Especially on their 1998-2002 albums. In 2006, the band’s activity ceased, but it should be noted that at that time the band existed in a much different line-up from the one which had experienced its best and most fertile years. At the beginning of 2021, Thalarion announced an album comeback, entitled »Dying On The Scorched Plains«, which was finally materialized in December of the same year.

In October 2021, I asked singer Juraj Grežďa for an interview for the 102nd issue of Pařát Magazine, still unaware that it would all have another sequel. In preparation for the interview, I dug up Thalarion albums from my collection to refresh my memory a little and found that I only had the first album, »Towards The Obscure Slumberland«, in a cassette format. That was actually fine, because the recording was released only as a tape album in 1996. I started to search for someone who may have published any re-edition to supplement my collection… and to my surprise, I found out that no one did. Unfortunately, Juraj Haríň from Slovak Metal Army did not make it.

There was nothing to wait for, the word got around…

You may already know the above words from the digipak edition of »Towards The Obscure Slumberland« which was released under the Pařát Productions in February 2022. The 300 copy run was gone within about a year and a day, so it was time to move on to the next milestone, the vinyl release.

The first Thalarion album from 1996 will be released on black vinyl at the end of September. More information about this release coming soon!”

Thalarion is:
Peter Bartakovič – Bass, Guitar
Peter Schlosser – Drums
Juraj Grežďo – Vocals
Juraj Schlosser – Guitar
Nela Horváthová – Vocals
Peter Dvorák – Keyboards

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