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UK punk/metal label 783 Punx releases Type O Negative tribute album »Blast No. 1«!

UK punk/metal label 783 Punx releases Type O Negative tribute album »Blast No. 1«, which will be available in various physical formats on September 22nd, 2023. Grindcore, crust and d-beat outfits Hellbastard, Schismopathic, Abbadon Incarnate and more revisit goth/doom metal classics.

01. Are You Afraid [Kannibal Kris]
02. Prelude To Agony [Task Force Beer]
03. I Don’t Wanna Be Me [Schismopathic]
04. We Hate Everyone [Hellbastard]
05. Xero Tolerance [Dishell]
06. Love You To Death [Verano’s Dogs]
07. All Hallows Eve [Herida Profunda]
08. Be My Druidess [Bottom]
09. Kill You Tonight [Gendo Icari]
10. Creepy Green Light [Plague Bearer]
11. Angry Inch [Proletar]
12. Everything Dies [Boycott The Baptist]
13. Some Stupid Tomorrow [Will Cope]
14. Christian Woman [Assur]
15. Black No. 1 [Emissaries Of Sin]
16. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend [Hot Cops]
17. Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity [Skitzo]
18. Dead Again [Abaddon Incarnate]
19. Der Untermensch [The Atrocity Exhibit]

UK-based metal and punk label 783 Punx has released »Blast No. 1«, a tribute album to Brooklyn goth metal icons Type O Negative. A variety of international death, grind, crust, d-beat and powerviolence bands appear on the record, including Hellbastard (UK), Schismopathic (Poland), Proletar (Indonesia) and Abaddon Incarnate (Ireland). The compilation is now streaming online, and will be available in various physical formats from 22nd September.

Stream the album here:

Pre-order physical copies here:

»Blast No. 1« was premiered via Decibel Magazine on Monday 4th September. The album blends blast beats, harsh guitars and growls, along with the melancholy and atmosphere that was always an essential part of Type O Negative’s music. This tribute is brave, vulgar and extending the boundaries of both grindcore and Peter Steele’s songs.

783 Punx owner Edi comments: “When I talked to the bands, I gave them just one condition: take a slow and long Type O Negative song and convert it into short and super-fast grindcore song, but try to keep it as recognisable as possible… Easy for me to say.”

This unique compilation will be available ina variety of variants and formats from 22nd September, including deluxe CDs, boxsets, strickers, postcards, t-shirts, cassettes and more. Vinyl records will also be available from December.

All physical variants can be pre-ordered here:

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