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Hidden gems & guilty pleasures: Заводь (Ukraine)

Заводь (Black Metal/Punk // Ukraine)

Ukrainian band Заводь (Zavod) returns with their new album »Березоль« (“Berezol”) to remind listeners of the genre what real uncompromising black metal is. The lyrical contents of the release are images of merciless war woven into patterns of symbolism and abstractions. Ukraine’s war against Russia could not but affect the band, whose musicians are now actively engaged in volunteer activities, collecting money for humanitarian and military needs. Because everyone understands the price of freedom.

All 6 tracks of the album »Березоль« have different moods but are united by one theme and a feeling of surrounding gloom. The guest vocals for the track »Трансгенезіс« were recorded by the legendary figure of alternative art – Jamie Stewart from Xiu Xiu.

This album will be interesting not only to fans of black metal, but also to those listeners who are full of dark feelings and are looking for light in themselves and the world around them.

Заводь’s fourth full-length album »Березоль« was released in digital format on November 25th, 2022.

Mixed and mastered by Vlad Rybalkin.

Band members:
Dmytro Samsonov – Vocals
Oleksii Ilchenko – Guitar
Vlad Listratov – Bass

Guest musicians:
Andrii Loboda – Guitar
Amorth – Drums
Arseniy Zhbanov – Synths
Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) – Vocals on »Трансгенезіс«

• »Demo 2009« (2009)
• »Dirtpill / Заводь / Zuboroth« Split (2010)
• »В клочья да в ямы« EP (2010)
• »Ягна« (Hidden Marly Production, 2011)
• »Ритуал« EP (2011)
• »Axidance / Заводь« Split (Black Cardinal / Iakh Records, 2011)
• »Крізь коло і п’ять кутів« (Hidden Marly Production, 2013)
• »Уже заря зажглась« (Hidden Marly Production, 2019)
• »Б​е​р​е​з​о​л​ь« (2022)

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