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American grungy doom/stoner metal band Gamma Goat presents their second album »Interlude«

Gilman, Illinois based grungy doom/stoner metal band Gamma Goat presents their second album, »Interlude«, which was just released on July 25th, 2022.

01. Prelude
02. Get In The Trough
03. Sea Of Flies
04. Interlude I
05. An Offering
06. Drying Up The Bones
07. Interlude II
08. Underwrath

‘Scrap Metal’ from the bowels of Central Illinois!

Gamma Goat is the result of 5 men with decades of experience in the original metal scenes, both disillusioned and fed up with projects in the past, deciding to create their own unapologetic and uncompromising music. Straddling grunge, stoner/doom, and plenty of other sub-genres of metal and rock, Gamma Goat’s intention is to be heavy, but musical, and not to carry any pre-conceived notions. With influences too broad to list, they have a large library to draw from without adhering to any one vein. Gamma Goat prides themselves on loud, intense live performance that provide both atmosphere and invisible orange worthy riffs.

Gamma Goat is Dave Faford, Bryan Lauridsen, Kyle Norton, Toby Russell, and David Thomson.

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