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Austrian experimental one-man band Mossadeq released a split album with Violență Domestică, out now via Grazil Records / Teratogen

Austrian experimental one-man band Mossadeq has just dropped new album, entitled »Czech«. The physical edition was released as a split album with Violență Domestică on November 9th, 2021 through Grazil Records / Teratogen.

»Czech / Zerfall« split is available now as an 8 panel digisleeve CD, limited to 300 copies.

Order your copy here:

01. Václav
02. The Nurse 04:17 video
03. Škodub
04. Knights In Shining Armor
05. The Sisters
06. Czech

Courtesy of Grazil Records:

With »Czech«, Mossadeq will release the second album in 2021 after the full-length concept album »Hospital«. The 6 new tracks form Side A of the Mossadeq split album with Violență Domestică – »Czech / Zerfall«.

Musically, the range extends from classic, psychedelic hard rock (»The Nurse«, »Knights In Shining Armor«) to experimental EDM and dub influences, (»Škodub«, »The Sisters«) to sludgy instrumental intro and outro tracks (»Václav«, »Czech«). »Czech« will probably have a disturbing effect on genre purists. Mossadeq wants to reach people, who are open to new musical approaches and interpretations, who are not intimidated by traditionalists and who take the risk of something to get to know new things, even if they don’t like the musical world of Mossadeq.

In the ideal case, the result is an exciting and varied short trip to »Czech«, a trip on which you get to know new people, pictures, areas and moods – and maybe never forgets this little journey.

1. Václav

The opener – named after the Czech serial killer Václav Mrázek – is the instrumental oundtrack of a femicide. In Austria there were numerous femicides in 2021, a fact that is tragically played down in public.

2. The Nurse

The Czech nurse Marie Fikáčková murdered 10 newborns in her ward, because she couldn’t stand their screaming. In this song your actions become one from the point of view colleague described.

3. Škodub

This dub track is actually an ironic love song for an old Škoda who has always been there reliably for the family for years. The meaning of the short text can also be written as interpreting unrequited love – after all, a car cannot love back either.

4. Knights In Shining Armor

A mockery song on toxic masculinity. Lyrics and lead vocals are provided by Harrowist singer Michael Jud.

5. The Sisters

Cle Pecher’s daughters Nina and Julia played around with the studio microphone before lunch. Pecher recorded that and made a creepy EDM track out of it.

6. Czech

The conceptual associations on the subject of Czech were implemented here. The slightly distorted, ostinate guitar riff is almost psychoactive.

Album Credits:

Cle Pecher: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths
Michael Jud: Vocals and lyrics on »Knights In Shining Armor«
Nino Hutterer: Guest vocals on »The Nurse«
Nina & Julia Pecher: Vocals on »The Sisters«

Written and produced by Cle Pecher
Recorded & produced at Grazil Basement Box Studio, Graz, Austria
Mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, London, UK
Artwork by Dr.Winter /

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