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Bear Stone Festival announce day splits, running order and additional information related to day early arrivals, camping & parking!

Bear Stone Festival has announced day splits, running order of performances, accompanying program and additional information related to day early arrivals, camping & parking.

Bear Stone Festival will took place on July 1-2, 2022 in Slunj, Croatia! Stunning landscapes, mind-blowing psychedelic art installations and projections will shape the unique festival experience and make you question reality.

An audio-visual experience and international gathering of travelers and tribes in the Croatian outback! Two days of psychedelic, stoner, desert, fuzz, heavy rock, electronic and experimental music program.

Mars Red Sky [FR], Black Rainbows [IT], Acid Mammoth [GR] and Mother Vulture [UK] will have their premiere and exclusive performances in Croatia! Followed by renowned names She Loves Pablo [Zagreb], Stonebride [Zagreb], Daliborovo Granje [Međimurje], Jastreb [Zagreb], Achachak [Sinj], Wizard Of Stone Mountain [Split], Pomelo Chess Society [Rijeka] and Arises [Zadar].

The festival takes place at Donje Primišlje, Slunj (Croatia) on a breathtaking location situated right next to the river Mrežnica which is known as one of the most pristine rivers in Croatia with its signature emerald color. The festival is located in the Mrežnica canyon and is completely surrounded by forest. Both the forest and the river is what makes the festival site a part of nature in its most fundamental and untouched form. The festival site is a 15 minute drive from the towns Slunj and Ogulin on each side, a 45 minute drive from the world famous Plitvice Lakes national park, an hour drive away from the capital Zagreb, and an hour and a half from the Adriatic Sea.

Bear Stone Festival – Year Zero Edition / 1 & 2, July / Slunj, Donje Primišlje, Croatia

[SVIRAJ!JAM stage]

Instead of the usual chill-out stage that is repeated at numerous festivals, we decided to show a different program during the day. SVIRAJ!JAM started in 2019 as an independent weekend vacation organized by renowned professional musicians of the prolific Zagreb music scene.

The jam is led by Erol Zejnilović (ABOP, Elemental, Kries, Marisol), Sara Ercegović (ŽEN) and Luka Čapeta (Mary May, Pastele, Krv u stolici, Duetto Chapetlewsky).

The electronic program of the Bear Stone Festival will bring together DJs whose eclectic sets build a bridge between fat riffs and club bass music. Expect dirty, distorted, experimental and psychedelic electronics that evoke head-banging and dancing.


Babilonska / lilacube / VRH / Kornet are four exquisite souls that will blow minds with special sets leaning towards bass heavy, broken beats, electronic music, rooted in nasty riffs & experimental sounds.


We encourage our visitors who have secured their ticket to arrive the day before as the festival location, camp and car park will be open from Thursday, 30.6. in the afternoon. On that day, there will be a catering offer on site with vinyl DJ surprise sets.


Camping in the designated places around the festival is free and is included in the festival ticket. All camps are equipped with showers and toilets that can be used freely at no charge. The camps open the day before the festival (June 30) and close the day after the festival (July 3). Open fires and generators are strictly forbidden in and around the camp!

Camp A is exclusively intended for visitors who spend the night in tents. Open fires and generators are strictly forbidden in and around the camp!

Parking for vehicles is provided and free and is located within Camp B.

Any additional information or answers to questions will be available from on-site staff.


In order to fully experience the atmosphere and vibe of the Bear Stone Festival, it should be mentioned that there is no mobile phone or Internet signal at the location, i.e. in the canyon where the whole event takes place. In this way, visitors are given the opportunity to completely relax and indulge in this audio-visual stimulus in its entirety.

We remind all visitors to print tickets before entering the festival location or to prepare it in digital form on the screen of their smart devices.


Beyond a highly recognizable Heavy Psych, Stoner rock, and Doom sound, Mars Red Sky have been opening gateways to new dimensions with their otherworldly songs since their self-titled debut back in 2011. Their hulking yet trippy brand of heavy psych rock takes you on an infinite journey.
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Black Rainbows are now established among the best Heavy Psych Stoner Space bands coming from Europe, spreading the word of Fuzz since 2007! Their sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out.
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Acid Mammoth is a Doom metal band from Athens, Greece. The band was formed in 2015 by Chris Babalis Jr. (Vocals & Guitars) and Dimosthenis Varikos (Bass), good friends since high school, with a deep love for Sabbath and other heavy music.
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Hectic Blues Punk with a live show so chaotic it will leave you with horrific injuries. For fans of being happy, achieving your dreams, and not dying.
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She Loves Pablo, a groove rock band from Zagreb, has been one of the pillars of the domestic alternative scene for almost 15 years. Their greasy, blues-filled riffs, penetrating vocals, and powerful rhythms, combined with explosive and precise performances earned them the reputation of one of the best live bands.
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Brotherhood since 2005! Taking from various (sub)genres such as Heavy Rock, Psych, Alternative, Prog, Stoner, Doom with a nod to the underground and mainstream scene of the ’90s, they have maintained the musical path which only continues to grow and expand with years.
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Daliborovo Granje is a 5 man Psychedelic, Progressive, Post-rock band. The band strictly plays instrumental music, which is heavily influenced by various world music melodies (oriental, middle eastern, balkan…) combined into the standard post-rock/psychedelic rock genre, with the addition of various other genres like Surf rock or Stoner rock, although they don’t like to be put in boxes/categories and just want to play the music they feel like playing at the moment.
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Hailing from the 13th century, these mystical psychedelic krautrock troubadours failed to destroy the Earth in an apocalyptic event gone horribly awry. After this failure, making music seemed the only way to get cosmic redemption and women.
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Achachak is a stoner rock band from Vučipolje, Croatia. Formed in 1999, Achachak has released three EPs and two full-length albums. “Sounds like Matt Pike and Liz Buckingham having a child and the same child being raised by the band Clutch and sober Uncle Ozzy. ”
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Wizard Of Stone Mountain is a doom, stoner, sludge, psychedelic rock metal band from Split, Croatia. They were active during the 2000s and then broke up after recording material (I) and playing a concert. In December 2009 the band started to play again. In November 2018 they released their second album (II). They got their name from an episode of ”He-Man”.
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Pomelo Chess Society is an instrumental rock band from Rijeka, representing the new music genre Checkmate Rock. After years and years of playing in different bands, three chess and rock ‘n’ roll lovers joined forces and embarked on a new unexplored journey.
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Arises is a melodic groove metal band from Zadar, Croatia. These veterans of the Croatian scene have been working under this name since 2019. The only way to witness the power and precision of the band is to witness them live. You will not be disappointed.

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