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Belgian drone/doom/sludge metal outfit 30,000 Monkies announce the release of a new LP this year via Consouling Sounds

Photo by Leon De Backer

Belgian drone/doom/sludge metal outfit 30,000 Monkies has announced the release of a new LP this year via Consouling Sounds.

You can also win three copies of the upcoming vinyl!

The band comments: “1) Have you anxiously been waiting for updates on da next Monkies album????
2) Are you afraid to be bored during the long, dull summer vacay?
Oh boy/girl/x do we have sum good news for you!!!! We are your friends and we will do everything* to help you overcome these obstacles (but plz we kind of need your help too: see below)!!

1) Read all** about our upcoming album, to be released by Consouling Sounds after summer (click this link bro/sis/x: linktr.Ee/30000monkies)
2) We really need you to spend dis time on helping us complete our album cover pretty pretty please we are in a really precarious situation and we need your friendship/labor!!! You will be royally rewarded for your contribution***!!!!!

*Okay ya more like two things
**Ya sorry we kno there is actually very little information about the album in there but we promise it is coming!!!!!
***Well ya we mean “some” of you will be royally rewarded: we are giving away three vinyls to the lucky winners (picked by an innocent hand!!!!!). Plz post yr result and tag us and consouling sounds to enter the lottery!!!!

You can download the printable version of the drawing thru linktr.Ee/30000monkies!”

Courtesy of Discipline PR:

Belgium experimental-metal band has just announced their new LP coming out via Consouling Sounds this year. Without giving any details on the mysterious release, 30,000 Monkies publishes a new dot drawing offering their fans to draw a cover of the upcoming LP. Everyone who’d post the drawing enters a lottery and an innocent hand picks three winners that would get a free copy of the new album of 30,000 Monkies.

For the past years, 30,000 Monkies have been stalwarts of the Belgian noise rock scene. Each release, from »Somewhere Over The Painbow« to »Are Forever«, is stuffed with pounds of suave sludge and riffs that sound like a zillion champagne corks popping all at once. These boys from Beringen are consistently loud and luxurious, sticking out like a stockbroker in corpse paint. Above all, 30,000 Monkies celebrate the eternal victory of rock with sparkling showers of bubbly. Greetings from atop the twisted metallic throne of rock.

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30,000 Monkies are:
Cyriel Beerten – Bass
Mattias Jonniaux – Drums
Michiel De Naegel – Guitars
Ruben Savelkoul – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

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