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Canadian sludge/doom metal band ITUS share guitar and drums playthrough videos for their latest single »Sturgeon«

Photos by Wavelens Media

Canadian sludge/doom metal band ITUS share guitar and drums playthrough videos for their latest single »Sturgeon«.

»Sturgeon« was released on June 29th, 2022, accompanied by a horror story music video.

Courtesy of Asher Media Relations:

Toronto-based death/doom/sludge band ITUS unleashed their latest single and horror story music video »Sturgeon« earlier this summer. It’s been the first taster of new music since the band’s debut EP »Primordial« was released in 2020.

Today, they share with fans their recent playthrough videos for both guitar and drums to check out.

Watch guitarist Brandon Lucking shred the sludgy doom alongside guest guitar solos by Dexter Forbes of Apogean and drummer Vincent Anastasi show you the sludge flow at YouTube!

Both videos were filmed and edited by Wavelens Media.

»Sturgeon« is the heaviest music that ITUS has written to date. This new offering is very heavy, shocking, but also catchy and widely accessible to all music fans. The dramatic, horror-themed video will also catch the eye of viewers along with its guest appearance from Canadian rocker KO as the “bait dude” character. The band explains the video and song in further detail:

“We wrote Sturgeon in a few sessions using a hook Brandon previously came up with. It just flowed organically from Brandon. Eerily, almost all the lyrics and vocal phrasing flowed seemingly from Reinier during the same writing sessions. The lyrics comment on apocalyptic guilt, with satanic ritualism juxtaposed with Christianity. We named our single Sturgeon because we knew we wanted to develop and shoot a music video that involved Brandon’s cottage, which is built on an inlet out of Sturgeon Bay, Ontario. Sturgeon are also huge prehistoric bottom-feeding fish with armoured skin, which is metal.”

For ITUS, »Sturgeon« is a fun bridge between their roots in death metal and where they plan to take their new music. They hope fans will enjoy the slightly more sludgy, heavier direction that is exemplified on the single. They place a great focus on hooks and have become more focused. They intended to get back to the stage in June, and those who get to see them live will be inundated with an energetic, atmospheric abrasive heavy metal experience. They aim to mystify and shock people with their performances.

The atmosphere in »Sturgeon« is creepy and ominous, and the band also incorporates a more modern-sounding metal mix while still maintaining that quintessential doom/sludge sound that fans will recognize. They are recommended listening for fans of Crowbar, Conan, and Windhand.

The music video for »Sturgeon«, which was partially directed by Apogean guitarist Dexter Forbes who also adds a guest guitar solo on the track, can be viewed below:

Video Credits:​
Cinematography by Dexter Forbes and John Esposo
Editing by John Esposo
Directed and written by Reinier Vandenbosch

Single Stream – Bandcamp, Spotify

Single Recording Band Line Up:​
Vince Anastasi – Drums
Brandon Lucking – Guitar and Bass
Reinier Vandenbosch – Vocals
Dexter Forbes – Guest Guitar Solo

Live Band Line Up:​
Vince Anastasi – Drums
Brandon Lucking – Guitar
Brandon Aitchison – Bass/Backing Vocals
Reinier Vandenbosch – Vocals


ITUS was born in 2018 when Brandon Lucking (guitars) and Reinier Vandenbosch (vocals) began writing Doom Metal together. Fans of Conan, Pallbearer, Crowbar, Windhand, Electric Wizard, and Black Sabbath will find themselves tripping out on ITUS’ soundscape of horrors »Primordial«, their debut EP. ITUS blends grueling sludge and epic doom with stoner rock and death metal. Crushing yet jammy heavy metal passages, infused within a psychedelic, horror atmosphere established their EP as ITUS’ first brutal yet eclectic outing.

The EP launched on Friday the 13th of March 2020. Covid seemed to strike right then with lockdowns, but given time to build, ITUS then recruited Vince Anastasi on drums, and the three boys started building in new directions both musically and professionally. ITUS has lined up gigs for 2022 and will be performing a slew of new singles alongside the music from their first EP. New music videos produced by the band are also coming this year in 2022. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and ready to catch some ITUS.

2022 – »Sturgeon« (single)
2020 – »Primordial« EP

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