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Chilean progressive doom/death metallers Weight Of Emptiness drop a music video for »Defrosting« from their latest album »Withered Paradogma«

Photo by Christian Monge

Chilean progressive doom/death metallers Weight Of Emptiness drop a music video for »Defrosting« from their latest album, »Withered Paradogma«, out on March 7th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records.

Says the band: “When our true essence manages to thaw the ice walls of the soul, we can be ourselves and face the challenge of controlling our own life, without the heavy burdens imposed by society or the rigid standards of upbringing. That also happens on a social scale, and the people also begin to understand where they want to go and where they come from. »Defrosting« invites the listener to defrost the soul and look to our roots to find a path in the future.”

The Chilean band Weight Of Emptiness releases its third full-length album called »Withered Paradogma«, which reflects life and death as part of the cycles of the human being. Death is just one more step, a new beginning, the awakening to a new age, where the old ways are withered.

The album was composed in the lonely and full of uncertainty times of the global pandemic, and comes to propose a new direction, which will seek to illuminate the deepest darkness of the soul.

»Withered Paradogma« was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Richard Iturra (Ripo Studio- Arica, Chile, mixing and mastering studio). The recording of voices, guitars and bass was done at The Farm Studio (Buin, Chile) and the recording of drums at Audio Custom Studio (Santiago, Chile). The album features guest musicians Andrei Oltean (blockflöte bass, blockflöte tenor & jaw harp on »Defrosting«), Pedro Herrera (ancestral recitation in Tse Süngun language on »Defrosting«), Giancarlo Nattino (vocals on »Storm Within«) and Richard Iturra (guitar solo on »Oblivion Collector« and arrangements (strings) on all songs).

The cover art and songs illustrations were made by Claudio Hernández and the final layout by Eliseo Peña.

Weight Of Emptiness are:
Alejandro Ruiz – Vocals
Juan Acevedo – Guitar
Alejandro Bravo – Guitar
Mauricio Basso – Drums
Mario Urra – Bass

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