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Demon Incarnate joined by new bassist Michael Müller; third full-length album »Leaves Of Zaqqum« out now via Metalville

German/French/American doom/stoner metal band Demon Incarnate has welcomed new member Michael Müller who replaced Matz Naumann on bass. He was a friend of drummer and after some jams he joined the band in summer some weeks after the release of their new studio album.

Demon Incarnate’s third full-length album »Leaves Of Zaqqum« was released on June 18th, 2021 via Metalville Records.

By now the band shared two singles and videos from their latest release, »In Disguise« and »The Liar’s Tongue«.

01. In Disguise
02. The Liar’s Tongue
03. To Resist
04. Longing For Pt. 1
05. Black Veil
06. Lunar Majestic
07. Over The Under
08. Longing For Pt. 2
09. Serve The Cause
10. Grave Worms

Demon Incarnate see themselves as a rigid and defiant monolith in the current of time. The band, which was founded in early 2010 in southwest of Germany (Saarland) close to the French border, is primarily riff-oriented and organic. Preferences for classic 70s rock of the Black Sabbath brand merge with doom influences from heroes like Candlemass or The Obsessed form a foundation on which oriental influences also underpin the deep and clear female vocals.

The recordings for »Leaves Of Zaqqum« were made over a period of five months at Studio Greywolf (Powerwolf) under the direction of Charles Greywolf. Both in terms of songwriting and production, the experience of the past years has made it possible to elaborate the band’s existing unique selling points even more specifically and to realize them more compactly and independently.

Demon Incarnate is:
Lisa Healey – Vocals
Jan Paul – Guitars
Kai Schneider – Drums
Michael Müller – Bass
Donny Dwinanda Putra – Guitars

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