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German blues/psychedelic rockers Gavial share new music video for »Wheels«; »VOR« LP out now through Exile On Mainstream!

German blues/psychedelic rock band Gavial share new music video for »Wheels« from their new full-length album, »VOR«, out on May 19th, 2023 via Exile On Mainstream.

01. Circles, Part 1
02. Modern Times
03. Collector
04. Bridges
05. Circles Part 2
06. Wheels
07. Passing
08. Famethrower

Courtesy of Earsplit PR:

Echoes And Dust is hosting the premiere of a new video for »Wheels«, from German blues/psychedelic rock quartet Gavial. The song is found on the band’s new LP, »VOR«, which was released through Exile On Mainstream in May.

Formerly known as Tourette Boys, Gavial weaves musical inspiration from ambient, soul, gospel, and country into different threads from a carpet of sound that simply ignores the sharp cliffs of redundant categories such as retro or stoner. »VOR« is characterized by the search for a contemporary expression of the blues without questioning its authenticity. The music doesn’t need name-dropping, but if you still want to make room in your thematically sorted record shelf, you’re welcome to make some room in the compartments in which you put your Screaming Trees, The Flying Eyes, The Black Crowes, or Woodcocks, so that Gavial can find space in them.

Lyrically, Gavial is cautiously concrete, exploring the ambivalent depths of the soul where there are more questions than answers. Singer Benjamin Butter intones lyrical sketches of emotional states between melancholy, quiet anger, and hope, reminiscent of Charles Baudelaire, and turns the voice into another instrument. The interplay with driving bass lines and Americana-esque guitars results in music as it should be: melodic but not profane, accessible but with a fragile base.

»VOR« was recorded in the band’s rehearsal room and mixed by Benjamin Butter and Bernard Camilleri, who has become their go-to sound engineer. Bernard Camilleri did the mastering at his Xekillton Studio in Malta. The artwork is from the Flowers Of Terrible series by Berlin-based artist Hamid Yaraghchi.

With the new video, the band collectively offers, “»Wheels« deals with bad interaction patterns in relationships. These are often reproduced and consolidated by our actions. While we are able to change these patterns for the better, this process can take up a lot of time and effort. Because of that, the song tries to encourage us to reflect on our behavior and interaction with other people.”

Echoes And Dust writes how the song, “blends those hazy sounds with stoner and doom flourishes to create a mesmerizing listen over the record’s eight songs.”

Watch Gavial’s »Wheels« video first through Echoes And Dust now at THIS LOCATION.
»VOR« is out now through Exile On Mainstream on Black Vinyl LP HERE and digitally via Bandcamp HERE and all other streaming points. Also watch the previously issued video for »Circles, Part 1« HERE.

Gavial Live:
9/29/2023 Archiv – Potsdam, DE
9/30/2023 Blechschloss (Scheune) – Dresden, DE
10/02/2023 Urban Spree –Berlin, DE

“…more than a trace of peak Pink Floyd in its haunting melody and Mark Lanegan in its bluesy mysticism.” – Treble

“When psychedelic blues rock is played right, it gets a ghostly quality that sends you straight to that astral desert plain where Jim Morrison meets his Native American spirit guide. Gavial sends us there every song, imbuing a shamanic wisdom upon us with deep blue puffs of smoke and reverberations that shake our ancient bones. As far as psychedelic blues rock goes, this is where the summit lies this year. Take your 5 grams of dried Gavial and wander the astral plains for days on end with »VOR«.” – Weirdo Shrine

“…»VOR« is an album that you either listen to in one go and completely sink into, or not at all. 9/10” [translated] – Hellfire Magazin

“Gavial start acoustically instrumented and sound more like the vast landscape of the south of the USA than like the Saxon homeland. The associations are desert or gloomy motels, where the madness of boredom has to be confronted. »Modern Times« reminds me of Madrugada. »Bridges« shows a certain ambivalence between softness and gloom. The songs take their time, the bass drives the band forward, the guitars are classically equipped with a lot of reverb. Singer Benjamin Butter has an interesting, dark voice that reinforces the melancholy and restlessness in the songs.” [translated] – Saitenkult

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