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Global doom metal supergroup MMXX celebrates the release of debut album »Sacred Cargo« with a haunting music video for »The New Forgotten Ones«

Global doom metal supergroup MMXX celebrates the release of their debut album »Sacred Cargo« with a haunting music video for the song »The New Forgotten Ones« featuring Yann Ligner (Klone). Directed by Vesa Ranta.

»Sacred Cargo« was just released this Friday, November 11th, 2022 via Candlelight Records. Stream the album now on Bandcamp, Spotify and all other digital platforms.

01. This Breath is Not My Breath (feat. Kotamaki, O’Rourke)
02. Perdition Mirror (feat. Moss)
03. The New Forgotten Ones (feat. Ligner)
04. Faint Flickering Light (feat. O’Rourke)
05. The Tower (feat. Moss)
06. Unavailing (feat. Benevento, Cannella)
07. Der Nukleus (feat. Orlando)
08. Sacred Cargo (feat. Stainthorpe)
09. Espirare
10. Shadow Haven (feat. Swanö)

Courtesy of Freeman Promotions:

Global doom metal supergroup MMXX have released their new album »Sacred Cargo« on November 11 via Candlelight Records. Order your copy here!

Born during the initial lockdown of Rome and New York City, and incubated as the seasons passed, doom metal supergroup MMXX is the sound of global isolation.

At the core of MMXX is Andrea Chiodetti (ex-The Foreshadowing) on guitars and keys, Jesse Haff on drums (Daylight Dies, Gökböri) and Egan O’Rourke on bass (Daylight Dies). Together, they channeled inspiration for composition after composition to collaborate with a geographically, culturally, and stylistically diverse collection of celebrated vocalists and musicians from around the world.

“»Sacred Cargo« started during one of the darkest moments of lockdown,” explains guitarist Chiodetti. “It was a creative expression, processing what was happening to the world around us. What makes this project unique is that every piece and its lyrics (provided by each singer), all composed during the height of the pandemic, is able to give voice to a deeply intimate part of all of us. They’re lyrics that belong to every person who lived through and shared that collective experience.”

The end result, »Sacred Cargo«, is a dynamic and diverse release, simultaneously densely heavy while retaining elements of etherealness and light, with each guest vocalist layering in their own perspective to culminate in this eclectic compendium of music reflecting an experience sadly understood by all.

Drummer Haff adds, “It’s amazing to me that the grand vision of this album – one in which we had different vocalists from around the world contributing their own lockdown experience – was actually achieved. Andrea and I imagined our ideal end result and just went for it but underestimated how much coordination would be required by everyone to truly pull it off. I’m amazed that so many talented people connected with the intent behind the project and agreed to participate. I’m deeply grateful for that. We didn’t have to describe some foreign science fiction concept – unfortunately, it is a directly understood reality experienced by all. I think the idea of directly channeling our unique perspectives into a collective expression resonated with everyone, as an obvious way to mark this era of our lives.”

Guest vocalists:
Marco Benevento (Italy · The Foreshadowing)
Chris Cannella (USA · Autumn’s End)
Egan O’Rourke (USA · Daylight Dies)
Mikko Kotamaki (Finland · Swallow The Sun)
Yann Ligner (France · Klone)
Mick Moss (UK · Antimatter)
Carmelo Orlando (Italy · Novembre)
Aaron Stainthorpe (UK · My Dying Bride)
Dan Swanö (Sweden · Edge Of Sanity)

Violin by Alicia Nurho (Spain)

Cello by Ilaria Calabrò (Italy)

MMXX are:
Andrea Chiodetti (Italy · ex-The Foreshadowing) – Guitar, Keyboards
Jesse Haff (USA · Daylight Dies) – Drums
Egan O’Rourke (USA · Daylight Dies) – Bass

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