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Indonesian stoner/doom quartet Jawless releases their debut album »Warrizer« today!

Indonesian stoner/doom quartet Jawless releases their debut album »Warrizer« independently today, February 2nd, 2022.

»Warrizer« is available now as a cassette tape and digital.

01. G.O.D (Genuine Obsessive Disruptive)
02. War Is Come
03. Dark Muzzling
04. Deceptive Events
05. Bad Excursion
06. Metaphorical Speech
07. Restrained
08. The Throne Of Tramp

“Jawless is a heavy stoner rock unit from Bandung, Indonesia. In terms of musical influences, Jawless is inspired by bands such as The Sword, High On Fire to the band we respect Motörhead. Each of the Jawless personnel had various musical experiences before finally joining Jawless. After going through the recording process for approximately one year with all the dynamics that have been passed, Jawless launched an album entitled »Warrizer«.

Containing 8 tracks this became the first album from Jawless. We will briefly explain the meaning of our album title, »Warrizer« is a character who is in an unfavorable situation and he observes these conditions to make a plan. The lyrics of each song on this album summarize the story of how restless he is about things that have happened in the past few years, many phenomena and things appear that Jawless feels strange, almost half of the lyrics are neatly wrapped in metaphors so that listeners can conclude with their respective perspectives. The music atmosphere that is built from the 8 tracks of this album does not only contain a slow tempo, there is also a fast and fierce tempo so that it will provide a new experience for rock/metal music lovers.

Jawless is very grateful to the parties involved and supported for this debut album, for Auswitch History which we feel is very strong in supporting Jawless from the beginning of the recording process to completion. Hopefully many people in the earth can feel the sensation of passion from our album.”

Jawless is:
Toni – Bass, Vocals
Bob – Guitar
Yudha – Guitar
Essa – Drums

Music by Jawless
Produced by Jawless
Mixed and mastered at BaSS by Jafar Pay

Guitars & Bass recorded at Total War Studio
Vocals recorded at Rezky House
Drums recorded at BaSS by Jafar Pay
All supported by Auswitch History

Artwork by Terorski
Layout by CJ from CJ1000
Photography by Ricky Septiano

Bojan Bidovc // music enthusiast, promoter, misanthrop and sometimes a journalist as well

One thought on “Indonesian stoner/doom quartet Jawless releases their debut album »Warrizer« today!

  1. Their demo is really good, but the vocals were so high in the mix it was a hard listen for me. Granted, it was a live recording. This proper release will more than make up for it.

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