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Italian psychedelic stoner/doom trio The Dhaze released a lyric video for the track »Death Walks With Me«

Italian psychedelic stoner/doom trio The Dhaze released a lyric video for the track »Death Walks With Me« from their 2020’s debut album »Deaf Dumb Blind«.

Video by Stefano Mastronicola.

Says the band: “Check out the rad artworks for lyric video »Death Walks With Me« created by our trustful Ernesto Nuss and the great orchestral arrangement of our buddy Michele Boni that we still want to thank a lot for his very talented and pure support!
The video premiered on the great 666MrDoom Channel on January the 5th. But this is not the only thing we want to tell you, because nice, dark stuff is coming soon at you! Greetings from the empty lake and Happy 2022 to you all!”

The Dhaze are a power trio based in Naples, born in 2017 and formed by Simone Pennucci (vocals/guitar), Vincenzo La Tegola (bass/vocals) and Lorenzo Manna (drums).

The band plays a personal variety of psychedelic rock, firstly influenced by 70’s music, stoner rock, doom metal and pure lysergic sounds, but also inspired by other musical contexts such as grunge or alternative rock.

Among the band influences we find Colour Haze, All Them Witches, Kyuss, Tea Party, Tool, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Dead Meadow and many others…

»Deaf Dumb Blind« is the The Dhaze’s debut album and was released in March 2020 by Sound Effect Records.

All the artwork concept was realized by Ernesto Nuss, a very active Neapolitan artist.

Photo by Diana De Luca

»Death Walks With Me« is the second single of the album, the lyric video was released by Stefano Mastronicola and all the artworks are by Ernesto Nuss.

Lyrics are inspired by the dark side of human nature, passing towards the psychological abyss of perceptions, of neurosis and of the deepest fears that live inside each one of us.

Produced by The Dhaze and Seb Di Martino at SDM Studios (Gragnano, Naples).
Mixed and mastered by Seb Di Martino at SDM Studios.

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