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Norwegian heavy riff rockers Håndgemeng premiere new music video for »The Astronomer«; debut album »Ultraritual« out now via Ripple Music!

Norwegian heavy riff rockers Håndgemeng premiere new music video for the opening track »The Astronomer« from their debut album, »Ultraritual«, out on March 10th, 2023 via Ripple Music.

01. The Astronomer
02. Cro-magnon Vs Neanderthal
03. Visions In Fire
04. Temple Of Toke
05. Ultraritual
06. Tales From The Thundra
07. Occulation Of Mars

Courtesy of Purple Sage PR:

Oslo-based genre-bending riff-heavy metallers Håndgemeng share the hilarious new video taken from their debut album »Ultraritual« on Ripple Music.

“The world of »Ultraritual« is a tumultuous one, full of danger and mystery.” – Invisible Oranges

“A feral beast of a spin with rollicking arpeggios and a thumping beat, dissonant dangling chords, and vocals that really spill their guts.” – Doomed & Stoned

“Their unique blend of stoner and hardcore is something you’ll definitely want more of after this.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

Watch Håndgemeng’s new video »The Astronomer«!

About the video, the band says: “»The Astronomer« was filmed at our haunted practice space that is built on a foundation from the 18th century. This is truly just a tiny exaggeration from what a normal band practice looks like for us, stranger things have happened.”

A high-octane, unstoppable weapon of sonic destruction, their debut album »Ultraritual« intrepidly draws from the fuzz-laden wizardry of stoner rock and doom, the melodic richness of classic rock, all topped off by the band’s hardcore roots. Somewhere in the tundra, the cosmic offspring of Kvelertak, Mantar and Orange Goblin was born and decided to crank it LOUD while getting tenfold trippier. With seven bangers propelled by Martin Wennberg’s galvanizing roars, Håndgemeng takes you from the depths of hell to the farthest reaches of space in a blink of an eye. Buckle up!

Order »Ultraritual« here: US store – EU store – Bandcamp

Riff after riff, spliff after spliff, Håndgemeng will take you from the depths of hell to the farthest reaches of space.

Håndgemeng was formed in Oslo in 2017 by brothers Martin and Filip Wennberg on vocals and bass, Charlie Ytterli on guitar and Ola Holseth on drums. They had played together in various hardcore and punk bands in the early days, but the puzzle pieces didn’t come together until Håndgemeng was formed and the riffs got slower, and the amps got louder. In 2019 they released their first EP »Motorcycle Death Cult« followed by the »Grim Riffer« EP. Playing shows constantly, they became a band to take notice of in the Oslo underground scene. After parting ways with bassist Filip, longtime friend Kim Grannes took over as groovemeister in the band. Just when they started making their debut album, society collapsed, and the world went into a global lockdown. Coincidence? We think not… Still, from that darkness, the band wrote and recorded »Ultraritual«, eight songs that will take you on a forceful, hard-hitting and definitely spacey heavy rock journey over millions of years.

Let the ritual commence!

Håndgemeng is:
Martin Wennberg aka Hellvis Presley – Vocals
Charlie Ytterli aka Abuse Springsteen – Guitars
Kim Grannes aka Jeans Simmons – Bass
Ola Holseth aka Motörola – Drums

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