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Norwegian post-rock/metal band Leonov premiere dark and gloomy music video for »Procession«; new album out on November 24th via Vinter Records!

Oslo, Norway based Norwegian post-rock/metal band Leonov premiere dark and gloomy music video for their new single »Procession«. Video made by Simen Skari.

»Procession« is the first single and title track from the band’s upcoming album, »Procession«, out on November 24th, 2023 via Vinter Records.

01. Rem
02. Amer
03. Procession
04. Sora
05. Mesos
06. Oreza
07. Son

Leonov comments: “✨ Title track and first single »Procession« is out today! ✨ »Procession« is the rarest case of an up-tempo Leonov song, still uniquely and recognizably us. It deals with matters of unity and multiplicity, the individual and the group. Autonomy and nihilism on one hand; purpose and constraint on the other.

Check it out on your digital platform and pre-order album here:

Masterly mixed and co-produced by Morten Øby at Taakeheimen Lydrike. Captivating artwork by Gunhild Sannes. Dark and elevating video by Simen Skari. Thank you “

Leonov is back with a hauntingly beautiful and meditative post-metal album.

»Procession« sees Leonov blending razor sharp, cold progressiveness with heartfelt warm passages, giving their output an eerie and cinematic, almost otherworldly feel to it. The return of Leonov is triumphant, with this majestic album.

Leonov is the sound of a world collapsing. Doom, shifting axes and intense darkness. A prayer for the suffering and a hope for emanating light.

Pre-order »Procession« here:

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