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Norwegian stoner rock trio The W Likes released their new album »II«, out now via Ramah Records and Evil Noise Recordings

Hamar, Norway based stoner rock trio The W Likes stream their new album, »II«, which was just released on August 25th, 2023 via Ramah Records (vinyl & digital) and Evil Noise Recordings (cassette).

01. I Called It Home
02. Forgotten
03. Demon Priest
04. Doctrine

Courtesy of Ramah Records:

Formed in Hamar, Norway 2011, The W Likes may have taken a while to get going, but now that they are moving there’s no stopping them. After years of lineup changes, demos and intermittent festival appearances, it was in 2016 that the band really got the ball rolling. With a rejuvenated lineup they recorded their eponymous debut album. By mid 2017 it was released on Ramah Records and a few months later they had a vinyl edition in their hands. Their sound, which fuses Clutch and Sepultura by way of Megadeth and Motorpsycho, had finally started to come together.

By sheer luck, a copy of The W Likes made its way into the hands of Todd Severin, the boss of Ripple Music, who asked the band to contribute to Chapter 10 of their split series, »The Second Coming Of Heavy«. They eagerly agreed, and suddenly the band were off to the races. They doubled down on songwriting for the 2019 release of what absolutely is a monster of a split.

With international acclaim at their backs and the world ahead of them, The W Likes are now writing their second full-length. Moving forward one mammoth riff at a time, the band have proven that perseverance through any adversity pays off. They have proven that 70s rock and Sepultura worship can in fact come together to make something great. Most of all they have proven that they have what it takes to be Norway’s next great rock and roll revolutionaries.

Get new album »II« here: (vinyl & digital, CD’s coming later) (cassette)

Recorded July 2022 at Caliban Studio Storsjøen.
Mix and master by Ruben Willem.
Cover and logo by David Paul Seymour.
All music written and performed by The W Likes.

The W Likes is:
Willy – Guitars & Vocals
Balbosj – Bass
Kurti – Drums

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